Technical ESOs for 5th Graders: Keeping your Computer Healthy


At Enlightium Academy, students have Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs) for each grade level. This means that upon completing the 5th grade, each student is expected to grow not just academically, but spiritually and socially.

One of the three academic ESOs is technical capabilities. Upon reviewing this article, students in 5th grade are expected to learn how to keep your computer healthy.

Students should review this article with a parent.

Anyone who owns a car has to keep it running smoothly. Otherwise, it will break. They have to take it to the shop to get the oil changed, keep it full of gas, and get the tires rotated. This keeps the car healthy. You have to do the same thing with your computer! There are a lot of things you can do, but here are some of the best ones.

Clear your cache.

When you go to a webpage, your computer keeps files of that page. That way, when you visit the webpage in the future, your computer doesn’t have to request the whole webpage every time; it just remembers it from the first time and you can access that page much faster. After a while, your computer has a lot of these temporary files and starts to run slower. Clearing your cache just deletes these temporary files.

Enlightium students should be using either the Chrome or Firefox browser to access their courses. Clearing your cache with these browsers is very simple. Learn how to clear your cache using:

Use the right browser.

A browser is how you access the Internet. Some browsers run a lot faster than others or have cool features. Which browser you use when doing your schoolwork at Enlightium is so important that we wrote a whole article about it. You can find more information about them here.

Turn off your computer.

Your computer benefits from being turned off every now and then. A good practice is to turn it completely off once a week, probably on Friday after you are done with all of your schoolwork for the week.

Don’t download unknown programs or applications.

There are a lot of safe games and applications on the Internet, many of which can be found on the Apple Store or Google Store. There are, however, also a lot of games and applications that found elsewhere on the Internet. Some are fine, but a lot of them have viruses which can hurt your computer or allow bad guys to steal information about you.

Some websites might have a popup that says “I bet you can’t beat this game!” That’s probably a bad program, so just close out the window.

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