What Do I Do If My Online Student Doesn’t Have Access to the Internet?


For an online private school student, temporarily losing access to the Internet is comparable to an astronaut locking his keys in the shuttle while going for a space walk. Simply put, it is not an ideal situation.

So what options does a student have if he or she no longer has an Internet connection?

If The Internet Loss Is Temporary, There Are Few Workable Options

Go to a public institution that provides access to computers.

Public libraries or community colleges often have open Internet access for the public. However, the Internet connection may be slow, and you may be limited in how much time you can use it.

Go to a coffee shop.

If your student has a laptop, connecting to free wifi at a coffee shop will give you a few days of free Internet. When using wifi that is open to the public, it may be beneficial to use a VPN anytime you log in to a secure account, like Ignitia.

Go to a friend or family member’s house.

Contact someone who knows your situation and is fine with your child spending the day in their living room. It might even end up being a social opportunity for you and your student.

Use data.What Do I Do If My Online Student Doesnt Have Access to the Internet Pinterest

If you have enough data on your phone or tablet, you can tether a laptop or desktop to it to get Internet access. Please note that, ideally, the student should not use a smartphone or tablet to do the work.

If the Internet loss is long-term, you may have to look at a few other options

Arrange for the student to work with a friend or co-op.

Until your Internet situation is resolved, it may be best to think of a solution that feels less like Internet-leaching and more mutually beneficial. If your student is working from a friend’s house, maybe your family can provide lunch, or you can move the school sessions to your place once the Internet is back up.

Work from a relative’s house.

If it may be awhile until the Internet is back up, working from a family member’s home may seem less intrusive than a friend’s.

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