9 Tips to Teach Your Kids that Books Are Fun


Teachers and researchers agree that reading is a highly beneficial habit for kids of all ages. Yet with today’s tidal wave of new technology infringing on traditional pastimes, the bookworm is becoming an endangered species. New products market their learning advantages, and the internet offers students more information than ever before. In this environment, encouraging reluctant children and teens to read can seem like a chore, and it can be tempting to ask “How important is it really for kids to read books?”

The answer is simple: It is very important for kids to read. According to Child Development journal, reading is an active factor in intelligence and cognitive development. In addition, a recent article in Neurology journal suggests that continued cognitive activity in older generations means slower cognitive decline. In other words, reading is important for children, and continues to be important throughout a lifespan. It is crucial for parents to encourage their children to build a habit of reading at any age.

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