Expelled from School—It’s a Wild Ride

Expelled from School—It’s a Wild Ride

Dealing With Your Student’s Emotions

Being expelled from school can initiate a rollercoaster of emotions for both you and your child. Make sure you keep your lap belts on and your head against the headrest. You’ll get through this, and your own sense of calm can be a comfort to your child in this time. Over time, both of you will be able to look back at the situation and say, “Remember that one time when you were expelled from school?” and see all the ways God used it to help you learn and grow.


This article is Part 2 of a three-part series on processing and responding to a child being expelled from school.


Part 1: How to deal with your own emotions about your child being expelled.

Part 2: How to help your child work through their emotions about being expelled.

Part 3: How to discover the source of the problem and get your child back on track in his or her education.


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