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Enlightium Academy will be closed on Monday, February 18h, in observance of Presidents’ Day. Students will have the option to continue schoolwork, but will not be required to do so.

Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, February 19th.

The Works of C.S. Lewis A

TheWorksofC.S.LewisEnlightium Academy high school students will have the opportunity to study the works of C.S. Lewis, one of the most significant and influential Christian thinkers of the 20th century. Born and raised in Ireland, Lewis went on to teach at Oxford University and then Cambridge University in England. Because he was an atheist, Lewis did not begin following Christ until his early 30s. His previous atheism combined with a brilliant intellect resulted in Lewis being able to both express and defend (i.e. apologetics) the orthodox Christian faith in a way that genuinely connected with the ordinary person. In this course, students will read his apologetic masterpiece Mere Christianity as well as his fictional magnum opus, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In addition, students will also read from the following list of books written by Lewis: The Problem of Pain, Miracles, The Four Loves, and The Screwtape Letters.

This course is tailored to entertain and engage students in grades 10-12 so that upon leaving high school, they are equipped with a solid, philosophical foundation for the Christian faith. Throughout the course, students will explore the following topics:

  • Why our moral intuitions can only ultimately be justified within a Christian worldview.
  • How can an all-powerful, wholly good God permit such horrendous evil and suffering?
  • The weakness of naturalism and why Christianity is better suited to the facts.
  • The spiritual truths and lessons embedded in Lewis’s fictional masterpiece.
  • A Biblical view of love as opposed to contemporary distortions.
  • Spiritual warfare: the tactics of Satan and his demons.
  • What is expected of a Christian in terms of virtue and behavior.

This course can be taken instead of English IV with counselor and parent approval.

Required Purchases.

Offered to Grades 11-12: 0.5 Credit

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AdvancED Accreditation

AdvancED Accreditation

Accreditation ensures that other accredited schools and universities recognize our students’ transcripts, credits, and courses.
Anytime Learning

Anytime Learning

We take the classroom to wherever you may be, regardless of timezone, provided a reliable internet connection is available. Lessons can also be printed to be completed offline.
Anytime Enrollment

Anytime Enrollment

Students can enroll at any time during the year and counselors will work to align the coursework to match up to previously completed work from the other school.
Christian Worldview

Christian Worldview

Our program has a strong emphasis on incorporating the Christian worldview in everything we do. The curriculum and staff together provide a strong foundation for Christian living and firmness in faith.