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Mission Program

The Enlightium’s Mission Program provides students with an opportunity to discover the essential values and skills necessary for living out their Christian faith in a vibrant manner.

Mission Program

The Mission Program is uniquely purposed to strengthen and nourish students in their Christian faith. The program provides live instruction from one of our trained specialists in biblical and theological studies. The content of the program is centered upon the person of Jesus, the meaning of the gospel, biblical interpretation, and life application. Students should find the program pressure-free as they grow in their faith and Christian worldview at Enlightium. The content and instructional aim is to establish students in the knowledge of Christ and prepare them to live and share Christ amid the various philosophical and religious beliefs of society.

The lessons start with the meaning of the gospel, discipleship, and evangelism, and then move into the basic tools of biblical interpretation and reasoning for the faith (apologetics). The Bible is the primary source of content for this program.

Mission Program Availability

The Mission Program is available to students in grades 9-12 in the Silver, Silver+, GoldDiamond, and Sapphire Live packages.

Mission Program Cost


Cost Options Cost
Semesterly $150
Yearly $250

Our Approach

The Mission Program is designed to work alongside your student’s learning at Enlightium. The program content and live instruction from one of our Bible specialists serve to maximize your student’s overall spiritual development without adding any more weight to your student’s already packed academic schedule. The program is certificate-based and not credit-based, meaning it will not show on a transcript.

Students get the chance to review lesson questions with the program coordinator in order to grasp the content and move forward with success. Each semester will entail 4–6 lessons spread over the whole semester, and each lesson can be completed at the student’s convenience. The Mission Program offers another avenue for students to truly experience Enlightium’s mission and motto.

Students who complete the two-year program will receive a certificate of completion, which will serve as a reminder of Christ and His mission as well as a reference for future ministry endeavors.

Heath Robertson

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Heath Robertson

Spiritual Support Director and Mission Program Coordinator

Heath Robertson received his B.A. in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute where he completed the Honors Program for Semitic Languages. He has completed his M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies with an emphasis in exegetical studies at Western Seminary where he received the honors award for Old Testament exegesis. He is now pursuing his PhD in Divinity, researching in the field of systematic theology. He is certified by ACSI.

Heath finds great fulfillment in his roles as a teacher and Spiritual Support Director at Enlightium. He enjoys running 5Ks and 10Ks in his free time.

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