College Courses in High School

The Concurrent Credit Program at Enlightium Academy (EA) is a partnership between Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) and EA that offers students the opportunity to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school. Enrolling in this program shows that students are willing to accept the challenge of college coursework. Please review EA’s Concurrent Credit Checklist for qualifications and prerequisites.


MATH1300 College Algebra (3 NNU credits)*

MATH1300 College Algebra (3 NNU credits)*

Grades 11–12: 1 Credit at Enlightium Academy, 3 Credits at NNU


College Algebra prepares students for upper level math courses through the mastery of foundational skills. The course will include study of the most critical components of algebra, geometry, and functions. Course topics will include linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, matrices, and conic sections.

Required Purchases

ENG1020 English Composition (3 NNU credits)*

ENG1020 English Composition (3 NNU credits)*

Grade 11–12: 1 Credit at Enlightium Academy, 3 Credits at NNU

Prerequisites: English composition is a course designed to develop writing and reading skills to prepare students for college-level writing. Students will develop writing skills in a variety of styles, including research, compare and contrast, analysis, narrative, and descriptive. Students will learn to express themselves clearly and think critically in writing by analyzing arguments and texts.

Required Purchases

BIOL1040 Environmental Science (3 NNU credits)*

BIOL1040 Environmental Science (3 NNU credits)*

1 EA credit: Grades 11-12*

Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary course that examines the natural cycles of the earth and human impact. In this course, students will study environmental problems, sustainability, ecosystems, biodiversity, human population, climate, pollution, and use of natural resources. Students will engage with case studies, articles, and discussions, in addition to the textbook.

*A high achieving Sophomore may be allowed to take a CC course with counselor approval

PSYC1550 Introduction to Psychology (3 NNU credits)*

PSYC1550 Introduction to Psychology (3 NNU credits)*

1 EA credit: Grades 11-12

Introduction to Psychology is designed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings from a Biblical, Christian perspective. Human beings are dualistic in nature, comprised of both a physical and nonphysical component. This course will treat the subject matter of psychology from this dualistic perspective rather than the naturalistic viewpoint that undergirds modern psychology. Students will become familiar with the various schools of thought in psychology over the past 150 years, the role of the brain, what compels us to act, the nature of emotion, how we learn, and a host of other fascinating and relevant subjects.

HIST1030 The World and the West (3 NNU credits)*

HIST1030 The World and the West (3 NNU credits)*

1 EA credit: Grade 11-12*

The World and the West is designed to delve students into a peripheral understanding of historical trends in socio-cultural and geopolitical settings of eastern and western cultures from ca. 600 B.C.—1550 C.E. Students will learn how to apply historical corroboration, evaluate primary evidence/documents, and make comprehensive evaluations of the historical framework. Students will also learn how to interpret human encounters through the lenses of a Christian worldview.

*A high achieving Sophomore may be allowed to take a CC course with counselor approval


Graduate from high school with both a high school diploma and a college transcript with earned college credits. Completing some of your general education courses in high school will allow you to graduate from college early and provide you more time to pursue your major and other interests.


Register for concurrent credit courses at Enlightium Academy. Earn 3 college credits with each concurrent credit course taken through Enlightium Academy. NNU credits are transferable to most colleges and universities across the country.

Dual Enrollment Concurrent Credit Courses



Qualified seniors and juniors can take concurrent credit courses.


In order to be registered for an NNU course, payment must be done at the time of registration with Enlightium.

Due to the workload associated with each concurrent course, students who wish to take multiple concurrent courses at one time should consider taking up to two concurrent courses per year, unless approved by the EA counselor.


Concurrent credit courses are about 10% of the average total cost of college credit. The concurrent courses offered are 3 credits per high school NNU course. The additional cost of the course is as follows:

Dual Enrollment (Concurrent Credit) Courses Price Chart

Add-on Price $600/course $600/course $600/course

Additional payment (if applicable) is due within 30 days of enrollment. The Accounting Department will reach out via email to arrange a payment.

Tuition discounts do not apply to the additional cost for concurrent course. Additional payment (if applicable) is due within 30 days of enrollment. The Accounting Department will reach out via email to arrange a payment. No refunds will be made from NNU after November 15.

Registration at NNU

College Credit:

Credit hours taken at one college or university can transfer to another and be applied toward degree requirements. Once a student successfully completes a concurrent credit course, he or she has earned course credit from NNU that may be used at NNU or transferred to another institution upon high school graduation.

Student Status:

Concurrent credit students are officially registered at Northwest Nazarene University. Colleges and universities may allow a student to use concurrent credits to fulfill prerequisite requirements for more advanced courses. All of these forms of credit recognition may be granted individually or in combination at the discretion of the institution.


Students enrolling in concurrent credit courses obtain both high school and college credit for the courses. “A” through “F” are normal grades for NNU courses. Other grade designations are “I” (incomplete work) and “W” (withdrawn).

Dropping a Course:

To drop a concurrent course, students must complete an NNU drop form, available from the Enlightium Academy concurrent course instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the form, obtain the required signatures and submit the form to the NNU. The student should notify Enlightium Academy’s Concurrent Course Supervisor of the dropped course. Once a form is processed, a “W” (withdrawal) will be posted to the student’s NNU transcript. A “W” does not affect a student’s GPA. There is no refund for dropped courses if the course is dropped after November 15th. Drop forms must be filed on or before the last day of the course.

Transferring Credits:

NNU is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities; therefore, most other colleges and universities accept NNU credits. However, it is the student’s responsibility to consult with any other intended college(s) regarding the transferability of any university credits earned. The NNU Concurrent Credit Program is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). Credit recognition is the exclusive prerogative of the granting institution. Colleges usually accept courses in which students earn a “C” or above, yet many factors affect the decision to accept transfer credit. It can be helpful for students to present course syllabi, course descriptions and, if appropriate, coursework completed when meeting with the college official. If a college is reluctant to grant credit, the NNU Concurrent Credit Office may be able to help. Please contact EA’s Concurrent Credit Program Coordinator Mr. Lambert at if you have questions or need assistance.

Dual Enrollment Concurrent Credit Courses Male


By Mail:
Office of the Registrar
Northwest Nazarene University
623 S. University Blvd.
Nampa, Idaho 83686
By Fax: (208) 467-8603

Please include your full name, address, phone, social security number, date of birth and complete information on where the transcript is to be sent. Your signature is required. A minimal fee will be charged for your transcript.

*Book purchases may be required. Check the course page for required purchases.