Keyboarding I

0.25 credit
Available to grades 2-5; available to grades K-1 or 6-7 with counselor approval

Keyboarding I is an elective to help students learn how to type. It is for beginners and assumes that the student has no prior knowledge or experience in typing. The course teaches proper finger placement, how to type all 26 letters of the alphabet, and how to use the enter, space, period, and comma keys. Also, the majority of the course is designed around biblical themes. As students learn to type, they will also be introduced to books of the Bible, various biblical characters, and important ideas and doctrines.

Upon completion of the course, students will understand proper finger placement, be able to type simple words, and have a deeper understanding of the different books, characters, and ideas in the Bible. This will also prepare the student to take more advanced typing courses (Keyboarding II, Keyboarding III) in an effort to continually improve their typing skills as they prepare for online education and a world where typing is an essential skill in the Information Age.

This course has no required purchases.

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