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You have been invited by a friend or family member to check out Enlightium Academy. What is Enlightium Academy? We are glad you asked! Enlightium Academy is a private online school for K-12 students. Watch this video below for a quick overview:

Features & Benefits

  • Teacher Led Individualized Instruction
  • Enroll Anytime Throughout the Year
  • Accredited Learning Institution
  • Bible Based Curriculum - King James
  • A U.S. High School Diploma
  • College Preparatory Curriculum
  • Support via Email, Phone and/or Video
  • Flexible & Convenient Schedule
  • AP & Honors Courses
  • Affordable Monthly Payment Plan
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

In order to ensure that you receive the $50 Amazon gift card or $50 tuition credit, please fill in the full name and email address of the student who referred you within the form on this page. The student must also be enrolled in the program for over 14 days in order for both parties to receive the gift card. The student who was referred cannot be a part of the same household as the student who gave the referral. When filling out the enrollment form please also put the name of the student who referred you in the proper field.

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Hear What Our Customers Have To Say!

  • "Enlightium Academy has been an answer to our prayers. After much soul-searching and debate, we decided to pull our son out of public schools mid-year for various reasons, and he is a changed young man because of this decision. Although he has found this curriculum to be more challenging, he enjoys the flexibility and his teachers even without being in the typical classroom. His teachers respond quickly and in a caring matter and address any concerns he has. If I have a concern, Enlightium has responded promptly to my inquiries. Enlightium was recommended to us by friends and we have recommended to others and will continue to enjoy seeing our son actually enjoy learning instead of dreading a school day. Thank you, Enlightium, for all you do. We really appreciate your gracious welcome to your Academy." 
    - Tricia Myers
  • "Enlightium Academy has allowed our family to grow so much closer. We love the program offered to our children. We have watched our children grow and learn at their independent pace. The teachers are wonderful, quick to respond and are very encouraging. I love the Christian environment that our children are involved in each day. I have the joy of learning with them. It truly has been a God sent blessing for our family. I believe that it is well worth the money. It truly is budget friendly."
    - Lara Colachico
  • "I have just re-enrolled my son. That should speak volumes alone. I have watched my son blossom and his confidence level increase tremendously.  This has been the best for him and my entire family. He actually looks forward to completing his daily assignments. I love the program and how it has brought his sparkle back.(Especially when we sing about Beauregard the Bible Bear)."
    - Joel Wallace
  • "I just wanted to thank everyone of my daughter's teachers.  She has been with Enlightium Academy for 2 years now and I just re-enrolled her for next year.  The teachers are very supportive and I love the fact that they provide, not just educational support, but also spiritual support as well.  They send messages of encouragement with Biblical verses that are uplifting in the Lord.  Thank you for all the support and prayers when my daughter had been ill.  We will always have Enlightium Academy and all of the staff in our prayers. Thank you and God bless each of you!"
    - Imelda Lucio
  • "We LOVE being able to have our son do school this way.  It is so much better than the Christian school we had him attending.  Every night was a struggle with homework.  This is just very clear to us, what he needs to do and what we need to do.  The Bible studies are what we think he needs to be learning.  We just really can't imagine doing anything else now." 
    - Jack and Cindy Childers
  • "My brother has been enrolled at this school for a few years and it has been a blessing. The program is complete and fun, the teachers are present (despite the distance) to support the student in his daily studies. The whole team is very supportive! We had encountered some technical issues (regarding payment) and the accountant remained very involved and willing to help as much as possible. We always feel heard and supported and we can tell the people working to support us from afar are people serving the Lord! Thank you for your kindness and support."
    - Chloe Aubert
  • "This has been a great program.  I have 2 children enrolled & we are enrolled for next year, our 3rd.  One of my kids is a high functioning autistic, and she has excelled with this than in a regular classroom.  Her grades are much better & she is very confident.  My 2nd child has been doing very well, too.  She is an independent learner and is loving it.  This has been a big help with both my kids."
    - Margarettaylor308
  • "Enlightium Academy has been a blessing to our family this past year. We've had a very busy year and made an international move. It really helped that our children had teachers helping them with their school work as we were busy preparing for the big move. The flexible scheduling for the crazy weeks that happen when making a transcontinental relocation was a HUGE help. The Biblical perspective taught and teachers who seek to encourage the students in their daily work has been special. Thank you Enlightium...just re-enrolled!"
    - Mombasa Mama
  • "We enrolled our son in Enlightium Christian Academy after trying a different online school.  We are so pleased with the results we are seeing with Enlightium.  My son is able to work on school without feeling pressure.  The curriculum is wonderful!!!  He is actually learning a real world education rather than how to pass a state test.  We just enrolled for our second year and are so excited!"
    - Robin Kent
  • "We love the Bible centered curriculum offered by Enlightium Academy, and its academic excellence! We chose the Silver Tuition with Standard Support, and found all of the teachers to be very qualified, friendly, and helpful. This is an excellent choice for parents who are considering homeschooling their children. It has the benefits of an online Christian school, and the flexibility of homeschool. The program is accredited and teacher-led, and we are confident that our son is receiving what he needs to receive an excellent education and be prepared for the future. We highly recommend Enlightium Academy!"
    - Joseph Davies
  • "We decided to enroll in ECA after my daughter was involved in a car accident resulting in falling behind in the local Catholic HS..We begged them to help, her 8th grade teachers came to tutor her on their own time and she passed with Honors!! So with that being said, My daughter was like" If I can pass with honors practically all by myself why cant I do my work online".  I couldnt be Happier with ECA. The admin and teachers have been great; they answer your questions quickly and are always there to support your child. My daughter has A's & B's and loves that she can make her own decisions when it comes to the work and how much she needs to do and when.  We have re-enrolled her for another yr(junior) and Cant wait to start!!"
    - Lee Applegate
  • "This will be my student's 3rd year at this academy, and our experience with the school has been very positive and resourceful. I would recommend this academy to anyone who is interested in homeschooling their student. This academy has a wonderful staff and allows the parents to be very involved in their student's course work and progress."
    - Cynthia Choi
  • "We are finishing our 1st year with Enlightium Academy and are pleased with our daughter's progress.  Thank you for providing a quality Christian education that can be obtained in our home.  We appreciate the ability to do so and see her doing so well.  Thank you again."
    - Donna Davis
  • "My daughter attended a public school for her 9th grade year and she was miserable. The  best decision we made was to enroll  her at Enlightium Academy. She is doing fantastic and she loves it. She does her studies without me saying a word. The teachers and staff are AMAZING! They are extremely caring and supportive. Without any question she will stay here thru graduation. Thank you so much for all you do!!!!!"
    - Debbie Owen
  • "Enlightium Academy was the perfect solution for the educational needs of our son.  It offered a way for him to have a great education and pursue his acting career.  He has really enjoyed his 6th grade experience here and looks forward to the 7th grade."
    - Stephen Fowler
  • "Enlightium Academy was very professional and I was impressed with the whole experience. Every time I had a question I was able to get the help we needed. The curriculum was very impressive. Navigating through it all was easy and my daughter was happy to do her work every morning, without me standing over her shoulder. Thank you Enlightium Academy!"
    - Jo White
  • "This was our first experience with online schooling and I am really pleased with Enlightium Academy!!!!  My son has adapted so well, and Enlightium Acedemy has been so helpful with everything we have needed!!  The flexability of the program and help when we asked, has been absolutely wonderful!!!  I highly recommend Enlightium Academy if you are considering online schooling!!!!"
    - Denise Meyer
  • "We are finishing our first year at Enlightium and are loving our experience! We currently have two children enrolled and have just enrolled a third for next year. Our oldest child thrives with the independent work; she especially loves to know what she has coming up and is learning valuable time management skills along with her academics. Our middle child has always been a struggling learner, but the brief videos and games in the lessons capture her attention, and she loves the ease of interaction with her teachers. I am thankful for the accountability Enlightium provides - my children are home working with me, but we have the framework and deadlines given by a third party that shares our values. It has been a wonderful experience!"
    - Kelly Sublurban Mama
  • "My child has truly blossomed with Enlightium Christian Academy. Her grades have went up and she actually enjoys school now. I like that it's a Christian/ Bible based school with the same curriculum.  The teacher's are amazing and very helpful. Definitely, a must if you are going to home school your child!"
    - Carmen Dangerfield
  • "We are very pleased with the curriculum and the teachers are wonderful.  My daughter has spent several HOURS on the phone getting one on one attention and help from her teacher. Very caring and compassionate."
    - Kara Lauher
  • "Enlightium Academy offers an excellent Christian based education for my daughter through their easy to use online format. The program allows my wife and I to have full control over our child's education with a user friendly system."
    - Justin Cullen
  • "Enlightium is an excellent investment in your child's future. My three boys are enrolled for their second year and we are well pleased with the curriculum and the Bible centered nature of the program.  Thanks folks!!"
    - Tommy Lee Maddox
  • "This will be our children's 4th year returning to Enlightium. I can not say enough about this program, my kids went from completely failing in public school to excelling with Enlightium. Thank you for all you do for God's children."
    - Terra Gilbert

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Teach your student the values of Christian living with Bible-based curriculum and teachers who promote Godly character.

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