Enlightium Theology in Action

Enlightium Theology in Action is intended for students and families to engage theological truths and cultivate hearts and minds for Christianly action – loving God holistically. Students are encouraged to log into Enlightium Social where they can join the EA Spiritual Life Connection (SLC) Group. The SLC will update students on newly released Enlightium Theology in Action videos, provide an avenue for students to engage other students, ask questions about the Bible, etc., and receive sound biblical answers from EA School Chaplain and Bible Teacher Heath Robertson. To get connected today, create your Enlightium Social account, save this page as another means of accessing Theology in Action videos, podcasts, and subscribe to the Enlightium youtube channel affiliated with these videos. Your feedback is encouraged! Your comments on youtube and Enlightium Social will help strengthen and develop the future of EA’s spiritual life!

Judges: An Introduction

I. Deborah (video)
II. Jephthah (video)
III. Samson (video)

Comfort: How the Bible comforts, helps, strengthens, and directs us every day

I. Loss and Death (video)
II. Change (video)
III. Worry/Depression (Part 1) (video)
IV. Loneliness (video)
V. Suicidal Thoughts (Part 2) (video)
VI. Fear and Anxiety (video)
VII. Abuse and Betrayal (video)
VIII. Guilt and Shame (video)
IX. Bullying (video)
X. Trusting in God's Word (video)

Growing in Grace: An Introduction

I. Meditation (video)
II. Prayer (video)
III. Fasting (video)
IV. Slowing, Solitude, and Silence (video)
V. Thanksgiving (video)
VI. Sabbath and Service (video)
VII. Maundy Thursday (video)
VIII. The Resurrection Part 1 (video)
IX. The Resurrection Part 2 (video)
X. Communion Part 1 (video)
XI. Communion Part 2 (video)
XII. Humility Part 1 (video)
XIII. Humility Part 2 (video)

Apostle’s Creed: An Introduction

I. The Apostle's Creed (video)
II. I Believe in God (video)
III. The Father Almighty (video)
IV. Creator of Heaven and of Earth (video)
V. I Believe in Jesus Christ (video)
VI. Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord (video)
VII. I Believe in the Virgin Birth (video)
VIII. Jesus Descended into Hell (video)
IX. Ascension, Resurrection, and Rule of Christ (video)
X. From There He Will Come to Judge the Living and the Dead (video)
XI. I Believe in the Holy Church, the Communion of Saints (video)
XII. Life Everlasting (video)