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ACSI Spelling Bee

Enlightium Academy (EA) is partnering with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to provide students with the opportunity to compete in a spelling bee with other EA students, as well as students from other schools. The ACSI Spelling Bee is not an exercise in memorization, but in spelling abilities.

ACSI Spelling Bee Parent helping Boy

Round 1 - Enlightium Academy Spelling Bee (Remote Session)

  • Participants: Any EA student in grade 1–8 competing against other EA students in their grade level
  • Deadline for registration: Monday, December 10th at 11:59 pm PT
  • Cost: Free
  • Location: Each student can participate from his or her home
  • Dates: Friday, December 14th at 4:30 pm PT/7:30 pm ET (Call-in at 4:00 pm PT/ 7:00 pm ET)
  • Event duration: 1-2 hours

Round 1 Results


  • 1st place: Eu-Jin H., Washington State (10 rounds)
  • 2nd place: Jeanna B., Hawaii (10 rounds)
  • 3rd place: Gracie F., North Carolina (9 rounds)

By Grade Level

  • 1st grade: No participants
  • 2nd grade: No participants
  • 3rd grade:
    • 1st place: Dalilah K., North Carolina
    • 2nd place: Jesse P., Georgia
    • Runner-up: Brendan C., Texas
  • 4th grade:
    • 1st place: Jeanna B., Hawaii
    • 2nd place: Gracie F., North Carolina
  • 5th grade:
    • 1st place: Eu-Jin H., Washington State
    • 2nd place: Ocean C., Taiwan
    • Runner-up: Jack B., Mississippi
    • Runner-up: Ailey G., Tennessee
  • 6th grade:
    • 1st place: Jade C., New Mexico
  • 7th grade:
    • 1st place: Samuel C., Texas
    • 2nd place: Tiana L., Georgia
  • 8th grade: No participants

ACSI Spelling Bee Audience Clapping

Round 2 - On-Site Spelling Bee (Westlake Village, CA)

  • Participants: Round 1’s top two performers from each grade level competing against other schools
    • If one of those students are unable to attend, the spot is open to the runner-up
  • Location: Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, CA
  • Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019
    • 8:15 am: Registration
    • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm: Spelling Bee
  • Cost:
    • Admission is free
    • Families pay for their own travel, food, and lodging
  • Event duration: 3-4 hours

Event Coordinators

  • The event is organized by the Association of Christian Schools International
  • Enlightium Academy’s point of contact is Mr. Brooks

Important details

  • Participants will receive an email prior to the event with a meeting location and Mr. Brooks’ contact information.
  • All students should be accompanied by an adult for the event.

Steps for Registering

  1. Ensure you read and comprehend all the information on this page
  2. Additional information will be emailed to participating families, such as where and when to meet with Mr. Brooks
  3. Contact Mr. Brooks if you have any questions at m.brooks@enlightiumacademy.com

Contact Us

  • General Questions - Ms. Canner, c.canner@enlightiumacademy.com
  • Technical Issues - EA Technical Support, 866-488-4818 option 7

Previous Year’s Spelling Bees

2017-18 School Year
Round 1 Winner: Mason R.