Bible Study

Enlightium Academy provides optional monthly Bible studies to its students. These studies will provide students the opportunity to grow in their spiritual and social development. Each month we will be discussing relevant topics to help students apply biblical principles to their day-to-day life. 

Girl reading Bible

Who will be guiding students on during these studies?

  • Grades 9–12: EA Bible teacher Mr. Branden Preedy
  • Grades 3–8: EA Bible teacher Ms. Catherine Bunker

When is the Bible study?

EA holds these studies at 8:30 am Pacific Time/11:30 Eastern Time throughout the year, even during the summer; the studies are approximately 30 minutes long.

● Grades 9–12: The first and third Monday (of a full week) each month 
● Grades 6–8: The first and third Wednesday (of a full week) each month 
● Grades 3–5: The first and third Friday (of a full week) each month 

Click here to sync EA's Google Calendar with your Gmail account for the days and times of Bible studies.

How do I attend?

Mr. Preedy or Ms. Bunker will chat students the link to join through Ignitia. EA uses a free and safe video chat; it’s the same website many of our teachers use to communicate with students on a daily basis. Each student who attends the Bible study has the option to join the study using a webcam or anonymously.

I’m experiencing technical difficulties. What should I do?

Check out Enlightium’s Academy's page How to Use Zoom.Us for troubleshooting. If you ran through those steps and still cannot get Zoom to work, feel free to contact our technical support team at 866-488-4818 option 7.


Mr. Preedy
Bible Study Coordinator for grades 9–12
Bible Teacher

Ms. Bunker
Bible Study Coordinator for grades 3–8
Bible Teacher