High School Diploma

To receive an Enlightium Academy (EA) high school diploma, students need to earn a minimum of 22–24 credits between grades 9–12, depending on which year they enrolled at EA and if they are working toward a standard or a college preparatory/honors diploma. Credits previously earned at another traditional school or homeschool program per EA counselor’s evaluation and approval will be transferred to EA. However, if a student enrolls at EA during his/her senior year at least four credits must be earned at EA in order to receive a diploma. The student's counselor will assist in determining which courses need to be taken.

When a student meets EA graduation requirements, he/she is awarded a high school diploma from EA—an accredited, private high school!

Highschool graduation with family

Homeschool Requirements

EA is accredited in all 50 states and since the curriculum is teacher-led, it is recognized in many states as a traditional education. However, since students typically do school work from a home setting, homeschool policies may apply in your state. For your convenience, EA has developed several articles concerning state requirements. Upon reviewing your state requirements, if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to call our team of Enrollment Consultants at 866-488-4818 option 1.

Diploma Fee

There is a $50 diploma fee for students in their final year at Enlightium Academy. If the prepayment option is chosen, the $50 fee will be added to the tuition. If the monthly payment plan is chosen, the $50 fee will be divided evenly among the monthly payments. The diploma fee is $100 for international students. This fee covers the cost of the diploma, handling, and shipping. Diplomas will be sent to students upon completion of all graduation requirements, typically within two weeks of the end of school year. There is no discount on the diploma fee.

Students or parents can contact their student’s counselor if they have any questions about the diploma. Also, you may contact the Accounting Department at billing@enlightiumacademy.com at 866-488-4818 option 6 if you have other questions about the diploma fee.