Parent-Teacher Conferences

“Talking with the teacher enabled us to feel more connected and aware of our child’s areas of concerns and strengths.”

A Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) is a meeting held by email or phone between the parents or guardians of a student and his/her teacher. Both parties discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses in a particular course to determine how to best assist the student moving forward.

At Enlightium Academy, Parent-Teacher Conferences for the 2018–19 school year took place during the month of November 2018 and the month of February 2019. For the 2019–20 school year, conferences will take place during the month of November 2019 and the month of March 2020.

What is the value of a Parent-Teacher Conference?

There are many stakeholders in a child’s education: school administration, the student’s counselor, the student’s teachers, the student, and the parents. Parent-Teacher Conferences are an opportunity for teachers and parents to meet, often for the first time, and have an open discussion about the student’s academic performance.

Topics discussed may include:

  • Observations on the student’s overall progress in the class
  • Specific strengths
  • Specific areas for improvement
  • Suggestions on ways that the student can grow
  • Helpful resources
  • Any questions the family might have

Flexibility in Scheduling

We know that many families are busy or traveling, which is why we made PTCs available for an entire month. The parents will still be able to easily plan a day and time that works for them and their student’s teacher.

Process for Parent-Teacher Conferences
  1. Families submit the PTC form.
  2. Depending on which form of communication the family chose, the teacher reaches out with one of the following:
    • If by phone, the teacher will send an email with a link that shares the teacher’s availability and allows parents to select a time that will work well for them. The teachers are available for PTCs for an entire month, and even longer if needed.
    • If by email, the teacher will send a Teacher Detailed Report, which is a thorough review of the student’s performance. Parents can continue to communicate with the teacher in the same email thread.

Blackout Dates

The following date(s) will not be available for Parent-Teacher Conferences:

  • Monday, February 18, 2019 – school will be closed due to Presidents' Day. EA’s office will be closed but students will still have access to Ignitia.

What Will PTCs Look Like?

Based on the program support level the student is enrolled in (Gold, Silver, etc.), the PTC will be either by phone or email; see Parent-Teacher Conferences by Student Program for more details. The first contact for both phone and email conferences will be by email.

Conferences begin at the beginning of PTC month and conferences are processed in the order in which the forms were submitted. Parents who submitted the form early in the registration process can anticipate receiving an email from their student’s teacher earlier in the month, whereas parents who submitted the form later in the registration process will likely receive an email later in the month, or possibly in the following month, depending on the volume of requests that your student’s teacher received.

PTCs by Student Program

Diamond Platinum and Gold students (grades 3–12):

  • held by phone or email

Silver and Bronze students (grades 3–12):

  • held by email

Primary school students (grades PreK–2):

  • conferences are conducted monthly (no PTC Form necessary)

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Step 1

Select course for Parent-Teacher Conference

Log in to your parent portal or the student’s portal to identify a course to select for the Parent-Teacher Conference.

  • Please note that EA’s Parent-Teacher Conferences are designed to focus on quality over quantity. This means that for each student, only one or two courses should be chosen for a PTC, allowing teachers to dedicate more time to each conference.
  • We recommend choosing the course where the student has the most room for improvement.
  • In addition to PTCs, parents are encouraged to reach out to teachers throughout the school year as needed.

Step 2

Submit the Parent-Teacher Conference form

Following submission, parents will be notified of the upcoming conferences via text, email, and the Facebook Family Alliance. The form must be submitted by Thursday, January 31st to register for the February 2019 PTC.

If your family missed the deadline, you can still reach out to your student’s teachers at any point in the school year. You can find their contact information in their welcome email and on the Teachers page.

Step 3

Confirmation Email

For the conferences, the student’s teacher will reach out to parents via email. Due to the volume of PTC requests, the emails are sent in the order in which they were received, so the conferences might carry over into March.

Parents are encouraged to email the teacher throughout the year as needed to continue to learn how to best assist your student and evaluate progress.

  1. Students in the Diamond, Platinum or Gold program
    • If you choose a phone call, you will receive an email with a link to schedule the phone call sometime during the month of February.
    • If you choose to have the conference via email, you will be provided a Teacher Detailed Report of the student’s performance and suggestions for improvement.
  2. Students in the Silver or Bronze program
    • You will be provided a Teacher Detailed Report of the student’s performance and suggestions for improvement.

Step 4

Monitor your student’s progress throughout the school year

You are strongly encouraged to parent or student portal at least once a week to see your student’s progress and grades. You are also encouraged to reach out to any of your student’s teachers or the counselor at any point during the school year as needed, instead of waiting until Parent-Teacher Conferences to discuss any issues the student may be experiencing.

Contact Information

For teacher contact information, refer to the teacher page or the welcome letter that was sent to the primary parent at the beginning of the year. Your student can also ask the teacher through an Ignitia message.

If you have problems filling out the Parent-Teacher Conference Form or have any questions about the process, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..