Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development is a key value at Enlightium Academy. As a result, we seek to provide engaging spiritual resources for all our students and their families.

Available Spiritual Resources

Bible Study

Bible Study

Enlightium Academy (Enlightium) provides optional Bible studies every other week to its students. These studies will provide students the opportunity to grow in their spiritual and social development. Each month we will be discussing relevant topics to help students apply biblical principles to their day-to-day life.

When is Bible study?

Enlightium holds these studies at 8:30 am Pacific Time / 11:30 am Eastern Time throughout the year, even during the summer; the studies are approximately 30 minutes long. Please note that some Bible Study days fall on days when the Enlightium office is closed.

  • Grades 9–12: The first and third Monday of the month
  • Grades 6–8: The first and third Wednesday of the month
  • Grades 3–5: The first and third Friday of the month

How do I attend?

Mr. Preedy or Ms. Bunker will chat students the link to join through Ignitia. Enlightium uses a free and safe video chat; it’s the same website many of our teachers use to communicate with students on a daily basis. Each student who attends the Bible study has the option to join the study using a webcam or anonymously.

I’m experiencing technical difficulties. What should I do?

To troubleshoot any technical difficulties, view this resource on How to Use Zoom.Us. If you have completed the recommended steps but you still cannot get Zoom to work, you may contact our technical support team at (866) 488-4818 // option 7.

Bible Study Instructors


Mr. Branden Preedy
Bible Coordinator for Grades 9–12
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ms. Catherine Bunker
Bible Coordinator for Grades 3–8
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spiritual Awareness Day

Enlightium Academy is devoted to providing the greatest degree of education for students and families. We understand that God’s word and its impact on our lives stands at the center of a great education. We believe that a proper education results in biblical action. Spiritual Awareness Day is a day set apart to recognize, reflect on, and celebrate an awareness of God and His grace in our lives.

The 2019 Spiritual Awareness Day will be on Friday, September 27, 2019. Families will be notified via the monthly email and on the Facebook Family Alliance.

Culture (2018)

Culture surrounds us and impacts us everyday. This year for Spiritual Awareness Day Chaplain Heath discusses the topic of culture: what culture is, what difference lies between Secular culture and Christian culture, and how Christians might Cultivate Christian Culture.

Daily Living (2017)

In the midst of our busy world, it is easy to lose sight of the greatest gift of all: our relationship with God and others. For Spiritual Awareness Day 2017, let’s incline our hearts and minds to the words of Matthew 22:34-40, where Jesus expresses the most fundamental principle to a flourishing life and gives insights on how to simplify our day-to-day that we might love Him and others all the more richly.

Spiritual Life Connection

What is eSocial?

Enlightium Social (eSocial) is a social medium that functions quite similarly to popular social media outlets such as Facebook. However, eSocial is only accessible by current Enlightium Academy students, staff, and faculty. This creates a way for students to connect with their peers and discuss common interests and hobbies; students are able to create groups to which they can invite other students who share the same passions and form a discussion. eSocial is monitored regularly to ensure that all content posted is honoring to God. Many Enlightium Academy teachers also take part in eSocial, and have groups specific to promoting educational accountability.

Spiritual Life Connection

Spiritual Life Connection is a great way for students to connect with each other about what God is doing in their lives and support others in their spiritual journey. Students with an eSocial account can click the button below to join the Spiritual Life Connection group, in which they will gain access to all our spiritual life content (e.g., videos, podcasts, Bible studies). This content aims to cultivate hearts and minds for Christianly action.

The Spiritual Life Connection group also serves as a launch pad for biblical conversation where group members may engage one another over various topics and life’s ultimate questions.

Theology in Action