Standardized Testing

  • Enlightium Academy (EA) requires students in grades 4, 6, 8, and 10 to take the Stanford 10. The Stanford 10 is a set of standardized achievement tests used for assessing children’s skills in English, math, history, and science. Allowing students to take the Stanford 10 also allows EA to compare its students’ scores to the national average.

    We encourage all eligible EA students to take this test to attain an updated benchmark of overall academic performance at each student’s respective grade level. The test results will not affect his/her current grades at EA. The results will help EA administration identify and address areas of strength and areas needing improvement to better serve our students.

    The deadline to register was Sunday, April 7th at 11:59 pm PT.

    Testing will be April 24th-26th. There are two testing windows:

    • 9 am - 12:00 pm Pacific Time
    • 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm Pacific Time
  • 30 minutes before testing

    30 minutes before testing

    • Ensure that your Adult Proctor is present and remains present for the entire duration of the testing (approximately 2–3 hours per day). Adult Proctors may be called upon during the test for any reason, such as if the student is not progressing at a pace that indicates the student is actively working at the computer
    • Open the Pearson browser. You will not yet have the information to join the session, but it will provide 15 minutes to resolve any technical issues

    Your student's EA Proctor will provide you with a session number once all students are ready.

    About 15 minutes before testing

    About 15 minutes before testing

    • You will receive a welcome email from your student’s EA Proctor with a link to join a conference call
      • This EA Proctor will be your point of contact during testing. Write down the phone number
      • Here is an example link:
    • Click the link provided. You may have to download the zoom software. If you are given the option, choose to join by phone call
      • Write down the phone number, Meeting ID, and Participant ID. If the call is dropped for any reason, you can use this information to call back in
      • Call in using your cell phone and enter the Meeting ID and Participant ID when prompted
      • The EA Proctor will confirm that the student and the Adult Proctor are present and that you have the Pearson browser ready

    The student can log in using the student's name and birthday.

    Click continue.

    The display page will show until the EA Proctor is ready to start the session.

    The Testing Periods

    The Testing Periods

    • Once all students in the group are on the phone or the start time has begun, the EA Proctor will begin
    • The EA Proctor will provide credentials for students to start the assessment and will provide instruction
    • Students will be progressing as a group, thus not allowing anyone to move on to the next subject test until all students have completed the previous subject test. Students are encouraged to have reading material while waiting for other students if needed. EA proctors can make an exception to provide more time for anyone listed with a learning disability, if most of the class is ready to move onto the next subject test
    • The student will log in using his/her name and birthday. If the student is unable to log in the day of the test, the Adult Proctor should inform the EA Proctor
    • Each EA proctor will have up to 30 students. For this reason, it is imperative that the Adult Proctor call into the conference line 15 minutes prior to testing to verify their identity. EA Proctors will begin testing on time at the start of each testing period. The number to call will be provided in the final email sent to families. If a family is experiencing technical issues the day of the test, they should call 866-488-4818 option 7, then option 2 as soon as possible to resolve it.
      • Students who do not call in by the test start time will not be able to take the test that day and will not be able to make it up. They can test on the other testing days for the assessments scheduled for those days.
      • Students who have technical issues that are not resolved by the test start time will not be able to take the test that day and will not be able to make it up. They can test on the other testing days for the assessments scheduled for those days.
    • During one of the three testing days, students will not have any assignments due to testing. This is to assist students who are taking the Stanford 10 to not fall behind. Others students may use this time to catch up.
    • No makeup day will be available for tests that are missed for any reason.
    • Students cannot use notes or speak with the Adult Proctor or other students during the tests. Students may speak with the EA proctor if they are experiencing technical issues but may not ask for assistance with the questions.
    • There are multiple tests scheduled for each day; students will be provided the opportunity for a 10-minute break between tests.
    • Any violations or outbursts during a test will result in immediate dismissal from the current test and future tests.
    • Families with two or more students who are testing have two options:
      • The students may test simultaneously (starting at either 9 am PT or 12:30 pm PT, although the Adult Proctor needs to have a computer and a phone available for each student. There does not need to be more than one Adult Proctor, provided that he/she can monitor all students testing.
      • The students may test during different windows (one at 9 am PT and the other at 12:30 pm PT). This is ideal if only one computer and/or phone is available.
    • In previous years, select grades tested in the fall and select grades tested in the spring. Starting in the 2018–19 school year, all eligible students will test in the spring.
    • The Stanford 10 is no longer available to students in grade 11. Instead, those students should focus on completing the SAT or ACT.
    • The registration process has been streamlined. Families only need to submit one form and should complete the technical requirements prior to registering.
    • Tutorial videos have been created to complete technical requirements.
  • This information is also emailed to each family who registers.

  • If you have problems filling out the Stanford 10 Registration Form, please email

    If you have not received any emails concerning the Stanford 10, please email and include the student’s first and last name.

    If you are experiencing technical issues, contact Mr. Saurombe at

    If an Adult Proctor will not available during a testing day, please email and include the student’s first and last name.

    If you have questions about your state’s standardized test requirements, contact your school district or ask other Enlightium Academy families on the EA Family Alliance page on Facebook.