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Are you worried about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your child’s safety and education?

With the surge of reported cases of COVID-19 worldwide, it’s no wonder that parents are concerned about their children’s health and welfare at school. Schools across the United States are closed. Epidemiologists are predicting wide-spread longer-term school closures in the coming months which will leave millions of American students without a classroom. Unfortunately, most school districts are not prepared to conduct classes in a remote learning environment once this happens.

Enlightium Academy (Enlightium) is accepting fast track temporary enrollments for the last quarter of the 2019-2020 school year. Once enrolled, your student will finish up eight (8) weeks of courses and earn 0.25 credits. For students who may be further behind, this can be extended into the summer to keep your student on track.

Providing a Safer Alternative to Attending School

With Enlightium Academy, you can provide your child a safe learning environment at home while they take courses online and finish the school year on time. Most students can finish the last quarter of the school year within eight weeks. Once the quarter is complete, your student has several options. If Enlightium ends up being a good long-term fit for your student, you may elect to withdraw from your current school and transfer to Enlightium for the coming school year as a full-time or part-time student. For temporary enrollment, you can transfer the credits earned at Enlightium Academy back to your school of choice once they are completed. It’s a simple way to get peace of mind knowing that you’ve done everything you can to protect your child and prevent them from falling behind academically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What is the best source of information about the coronavirus for families?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is the best source of information. Visit the CDC website to read their guidance on what you can do to protect your family.

What online schooling options do you provide for families who want to protect their children from exposure to COVID-19?

We are currently accepting both permanent and temporarily displaced students to finish up the last quarter of the school year so your child’s education doesn’t get put on hold while COVID-19 runs its course in your community.

Are you accepting international students that have been displaced by COVID-19?

International students are accepted if they are coming to Enlightium from an English-speaking school with a course load and rigor comparable to US standards. Text translation tools are available in the curriculum platform. Correspondence between the school and parents will be sent via email and will be in English.

If my child falls ill due to COVID-19, what kind of flexibility does Enlightium offer?

One of the key benefits of online schooling is the amount of flexibility built into the curriculum. Students can work on their assignments from anywhere, whenever it is convenient. If a student falls behind due to illness, our team will work with you to provide an appropriate amount of time for your student to get back on track. Additionally, students who fall significantly behind can be given more time to finish during the summer months.
Online Schooling

How will attending Enlightium Academy be the same or different from a traditional school?

Students work at their own pace through our online curriculum but are held to keeping up with the weekly schedule in general. They do not have to show up in a classroom and will have access to their teachers via email and messaging for direct support within 24 hours.

What does a typical day look like for an Enlightium Academy student?

Enlightium students typically work anywhere from 3-5 hours per day. They work independently inside the Ignitia platform to complete their online lessons, quizzes, and tests. The Ignitia platform is available for students to work remotely anytime and anywhere, providing flexibility for each student. Students may also be assigned special projects and offline electives to complete outside of the online platform.

How do Enlightium Academy’s students interact with teachers?

Students primarily interact with teachers via Ignitia, our online platform. We also offer email and phone support as well as screen share and face-to-face sessions, depending upon the tuition package you select when you enroll.

Are Enlightium Academy’s teachers certified?

Enlightium Academy’s teachers are ACSI-certified and many are also state-certified.

How much responsibility will I need to take on as a parent if my child enrolls at Enlightium?

For the most part, Enlightium’s teachers and the Ignitia platform do most of the heavy lifting, but parents may need to help students from time to time. Be sure to review our six (6) tuition package options to determine which level of support works best for your family.

What does it cost to attend Enlightium Academy?

There is a $200 enrollment fee plus tuition. The tuition cost ranges from $800 to $7,000 per year and varies based on grade level and the tuition package you select. We offer a 15% prepayment discount if you pay all the tuition upfront. We also provide flexible monthly payment options to meet the needs of your family.

Do I need to withdraw my child from their current school in order to attend Enlightium Academy?

Your student will need to go through our standard admissions process, which includes withdrawing from their prior school and requesting records.

Do we need to request transcripts from our current school?

Your student will need to go through our standard admissions process, which includes withdrawing from their prior school and requesting records.

Will my student need to do placement testing before starting classes?

Your student will be required to take placement tests to assess where they are in coursework. This helps counselors to place your child so they will not have to repeat coursework they’ve already mastered and sets them up for success by challenging them academically.

Do I need to show proof of vaccinations to enroll my child at Enlightium Academy?

As an online homeschool, Enlightium does not require proof of vaccinations.

When can I enroll my child?

The traditional start of the school year takes place during the middle of August, however, Enlightium Academy accepts enrollments year-round.

How soon can my child get started with Enlightium Academy?

You can start right away! All you need to do is pay the enrollment fee and complete our Enrollment Form to get the admissions process started. Our admissions staff will then assign your student placements tests and request records from your current school. Your counselor will review the records, once received, and assign courses in the order the enrollment forms are received.

Enlightium Academy is an online Christian homeschool that supports each unique student on their journey to embrace their God-given talents and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge with a Christ-like spirit.

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