Fulfilling the Standardized Assessment Requirement


A standardized assessment provides the student, the family, the school or homeschool program, and the state insight as to how a student is doing in their academics compared to other students around the United States who took the same assessment. 

Several states and school districts have an annual assessment requirement, which simply ensures that all parties are holding the student accountable. 

How do I know if my student has to take an annual assessment?

Conduct online research. Enlightium Academy writes articles on state requirements, which you can use as a first step in your investigation.

Which test do I need to take?

Some states have specific assessments which need to be taken by students. For example, at the time of writing of this blog:

  • New York students need to take the Pupil Evaluation Program, a Preliminary Competency Test, or the Regents Exam, based on which grade the student is in. 
  • Students in Texas have the option to take the STAAR exam but may take alternative tests.

There are standardized assessments that tend to be accepted by all states. 

What Assessments Does Enlightium Academy Offer?

Enlightium Academy offers multiple options:

  • Grades 3-8: students who need a standardized assessment can consider taking the Iowa Complete, while those who do not can take the IXL.com assessment.
  • Grades 9-12: students are provided guidance in taking college-preparatory assessments such as the ACT and SAT.

What do I do if I missed the assessment?

Families who live in a state that requires an assessment but missed the test should reach out to their state for direction, typically through the state’s .edu website. The family can request:

  1. For the requirement to be waived for the current school year, or
  2. For a state representative to direct the family to another testing opportunity including a time and location

It is recommended to get this direction in writing, such as by email.

Will the SAT, ACT, or another college preparatory test count as an annual assessment?

This is likely the case. Students in grades 11 and 12 should be focused on college preparatory exams even if they are unsure if they will be enrolling in college. Families should review their state’s .edu website to ensure that these assessments will fulfill the annual assessment requirement.

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