How do I Know When the GED is the Best Option for Me?


High school can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes students and parents are looking at alternatives to receiving a high school diploma. In the vast majority of cases, students should pursue a high school diploma. Earning a diploma typically results in higher wages as an adult and lets employers know that the worker can overcome a challenge.

There are some instances where receiving a GED is in the best interest of the student. Below are some common questions about how to receive a GED, but any student interested in pursuing the GED should speak to his/her counselor before making that decision.

Top 10 Questions about the GED pWhat is a GED?

GED stands for General Education Development Test. This program is designed for students who are unable to complete high school and do not have a high school diploma.

Is the GED easier than receiving a high school diploma?

Yes, it is easier to receive the GED. While it may take less time to study for the GED than it does for the average student to finish high school, the GED is designed to be a similar level to high school. It tests you on everything that the average student learns in high school, measuring the knowledge and skills that are essential for career and college readiness.

However, the GED is not the same as a high school diploma. For example, colleges and the military do not see it as an equivalent.

How long is the GED?

The GED exam has four content areas:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Social studies
  • Science

The entire GED exam takes approximately seven hours to complete and must be taken at a GED testing center. Students can take all four subject tests in one visit, or spread the individual tests across multiple visits to a testing center.

Are there free GED practice tests?

Yes. Practice tests for all four parts of the exam are available here. Most study materials are available for purchase only. Here are just a few of the many GED prep books available.

Can I take the test online from home?

No. In order to take the GED or a similar test such as the HiSET or TASC, you must attend an official testing facility. To find a testing center near you, simply create an account using the official GED website and schedule an exam. The program will use your home address to identify your closest testing center.

Top 10 Questions about the GED iI do not live in the United States. Can I still earn a GED?

As of 2018, the only other country that enables students to earn a GED is Canada.

Why should I earn a GED if I did not finish high school?

Taking the GED is a viable option because it can improve opportunities for personal, educational, and financial gain when, for whatever reason, you have not completed high school.  

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