7 Christian Movie Suggestions For A Summer Family Movie Night


Bringing the family together for a fun movie night can be just what they need after a full day in the sun. However, before you start getting out the popcorn maker, you need to decide on a good movie for your family. We’re here to help. 

With all of the questionably negative messages spread by Hollywood and the media, you want to make sure the film you play for your family will be uplifting and inspire Christ’s message for how Christians should live. We know that each family is different and we respect that you, as the parent, must gage what movie is appropriate for your family. 

Here are a few good resources that can give parents straight-forward reviews of movies:

Alright, now its time to take a look at our 7 Christian movie suggestions for a summer family movie night. 

  Movie Title Short Description Recommended Kid’s Ages
Faith Like Potatoes Faith Like Potatoes A farmer and his family start a new life in South Africa and must trust God to see them through the harvest. 13 - 17
The Hiding Place The Hiding Place This film follows the story of Corrie ten Boom and the Dutch Resistance in World War II.  13 - 17
End of the Spear End of the Spear Five missionaries and their families follow God’s call to the people in the jungles of Ecuador.  10 - 17
 Facing the Giants Facing the Giants A high school football coach puts serving God over winning the game.  10 - 17
Chronicles of Narnia Lion Witch and Wardrobe The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe The C.S. Lewis book brought to film. This movie follows the story of four children through the land of Narnia.  6 – 17 
Jonah veggietales Jonah (A VeggieTales Movie) Tells the story of Jonah through songs and silly stories, VeggieTales style.  All
Book of Daniel The Book of Daniel The story of Daniel is told on film with only a bit of creative license taken by directors.  All

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