Advantages of Online Christian Homeschooling


The homeschooling option1 has been one of the most popular solutions to parents for decades. It provides parents the opportunity to teach religious principles to their children. However, many parents have questions about how homeschooling would affect their child’s high school years, namely:

  • Limitations in socialization
  • Access to specialized courses to advance their skills in subjects they love
  • Receiving a high school diploma
  • Being admitted to a college of their choice

This is where the onset of online Christian homeschooling shines as the best answer to meet varying students' academic needs. 

There are five distinct advantages to an online Christian homeschooling program:

  1. Content. Most parents would agree that reading, writing, math, science, and history are critical areas for their children to learn. But many schools use a curriculum filled with questionable morals or methods for teaching the material. A Christian-based curriculum focuses on covering the academic areas from the biblical worldview in a safe home environment where the parent can speak to any philosophical differences.
  2. A personalised approach. All students are different. They learn at different rates, excel in different areas, and struggle with different concepts. Online learning allows students to proceed through their coursework at their own pace, taking extra time for the things they have trouble with or moving quickly through the areas they excel at.
  3. Student activities. A common misconception about homeschooled students is that they lack social interactions. In reality, online homeschooling allows for a breadth and depth of social opportunities that brick-and-mortar students may not have access to. Examples include participating in online Bible Studies, having a pen pal from the other side of the world, book clubs with other students, and more.
  4. Accountability. One of the biggest concerns for parents when exploring homeschool is accountability. Parents don’t want students ‘learning at their own pace’ to translate into ‘learning whenever they feel like it’. Online education provides structure to the curriculum, sets deadlines for completion, keeps track of grades, and allows both parents and students to be confident that accountability is in place.
  5. Accreditation. Using an accredited program allows your student to receive an education recognized by public and private schools, colleges, and universities. When enrolling in an online accredited school, students get the best of both worlds: a flexible education and a transcript for enrolling in college.

Have you considered Enlightium Academy’s homeschool program for your child? 

At Enlightium Academy, we teach students self-discipline, time management, and the ability to take charge of their own education through our accountability system, as these skills translate well into the habits needed to succeed in college.  A recent study reported that students who were homeschooled for one year or less scored, on average, in the 59th percentile, and students who were homeschooled for two or more years scored, on average, soared to between the 86th and 92nd percentile in academic achievement. This is consistent with how students at Enlightium become successful independent learners over time where they are prepared for college, career, and beyond. 

Today, the online homeschool continues to grow beyond ten percent of the total K-12 student population and recently nearly everyone has been exposed to online learning in one way or another with about half the population willing to homeschool as circumstances allow.3 Additionally, colleges have grown increasingly digital. What began more than a decade ago, as an often ridiculed option for higher education, has become a mainstay of many college campuses—online distance learning. Therefore, a solid online Christian homeschooling program uniquely positions students to excel in the fast-paced world and be better prepared for college.

Enlightium Academy is an approved and accredited private school by Cognia and ACSI that offers online education in grades 3-12 for students studying from in their home or in a co-op school. For students in grades PreK-2, Enlightium offers a textbook curriculum, counselor guidance, and general support. Our curriculum is bible-based, flexible, and affordable. 

Curious about the benefits of online, Christian education and want to learn more? Please visit us at or call (866) 488-4818 option 2 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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