Ignitia Troubleshooting: An Assignment Has Not Been Assigned


Li’l Billy is going on vacation soon. He would like access to future assignments so he can work on them ahead of time and print a few off to work on while on the road. Suddenly, from the living room, “Moooom!” Some of the assignments are not yet assigned, so Li’l Billy cannot access them.

The good news is that all Li’l Billy needs to do is contact his instructor, explain the situation (vacation, doctor’s appointment, will not have internet access, etc.) and request that the next assignment or couple of assignments are assigned.

The bad news is it will take the standard response time for Li’l Billy’s teacher to assign the lessons. For example, if a student has a one-hour response time from teachers, it will take up to an hour during standard office hours for the teacher to assist. Students should request the assignments be unlocked a few days in advance to avoid this.

Please note the following:

  • Students cannot move past a unit until all projects are completed.
  • If an assignment or unit is marked as “Skipped”, the counselor or teacher determined that the material covered was not necessary for the student to complete.
  • Students can upgrade to another support package to receive quicker response times from teachers.
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