Online Homeschooling is a Great Solution for Busy Parents


Online Homeschooling is a Great Solution for Busy Parents

The main benefit of online learning is the teachers. Research indicates that teachers have more genuine relationships with students in online settings since they provide one-on-one interactions with their students, and teachers have a better chance to learn about each student in comparison to the classroom setting.1 

Online education is designed around the learner. It allows for self-paced learning that provides students with opportunities to speed up or slow down in their assignments as necessary. Online education also utilizes cutting-edge technologies to support the needs of diverse learners. For example, gifted and talented students can maximize their perceived gifts and talents and progress in their schooling at a quicker rate.2

Have you considered Enlightium Academy as a school for your child?

At Enlightium Academy, your child will be assigned a counselor and certified and caring teachers who are responsible for reporting academic achievement, providing supplemental instruction, conducting assessments, and evaluating the student’s work and progress. This helps relieve the burden of teaching and record-keeping for parents. 

Parents generally act as coaches who provide their students with needed support and accountability. Parents help define educational aspirations, implement plans for their children, make educational decisions, provide support with school work, and participate in virtual school activities.3

Online homeschooling gives parents the power to make intentional decisions about the communities and social spheres in which their child will interact. Research also shows that homeschooled students often engage with a more diverse group of friends than their peers in brick-and-mortar schools, leading to well-rounded social development.4 Today, all fifty states permit homeschooling as stated in the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).5 

What Enlightium’s parents are saying about online homeschooling:

“I was pleased to see that Enlightium is accredited by ACSI, the same accreditation of my children's previous school. Also, Enlightium uses the KJV translation, which let me know that they lined up with my belief in the Bible” (Parent of an 8th-grade student, Ohio). 

“A secular education pushes liberal views and uses liberal media to advance an agenda that is against our Christian values” (Parent of a 6th-grade student, Wisconsin). 

“Our daughter likes the flexibility Enlightium provides in completing her schoolwork. If we have an activity in the morning, she can do Enlightium in the afternoon or on the weekend” (Parent of a 6th-grade student, New York).

Is Enlightium Academy accredited? 

Enlightium Academy is an approved and accredited private school by Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International that offers online education in grades PreK-2.

Students in the Homeschool Program (grades PreK-8) use book-based Christian curricula from AOP and BJU Press, while students in Online Program (grades 3–12) use the digital Christian curriculum, “Ignitia”. Finally, students in the Sapphire Live program (grades 3-12) use a collection of the best curriculum options on the market. Each curriculum includes Bible, English, math, science, social studies, and electives courses. Click here to learn about the curriculum.

Curious about the benefits of online, Christian education and want to learn more? Please visit us at, call (866) 488-4818 option 2, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Enlightium Academy is a private Christian online school that serves homeschooling families by offering a Bible-based, flexible, accredited, teacher-supported, and affordable education from the comfort of your home. For any other questions about Enlightium, please call (509) 319-2288, or visit


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