Technical ESOs for 3rd Graders: Safe Online Habits


At Enlightium Academy, students have Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs) for each grade level. This means that upon completing the 3rd grade, each student is expected to grow, not just academically, but spiritually and socially.

One of the three academic ESOs is technical capabilities. Upon reviewing this article, students in 3rd grade are expected to learn safe online habits.

Students should review this article with a parent.

Keep your information to yourself

The Internet is going to be a major part of your life, but did you know that you are not the only person who uses the Internet? Your family, neighbors, and friends all use the Internet too. They use the Internet to talk to friends, look up information, and pay their bills. But a lot of strangers use the Internet too.

Some of these strangers are bad guys. But you don’t need to be scared. You just need to remember not to talk to strangers on the Internet.

Sometimes someone on the Internet will ask you for information like your name or email address. A lot of the time this is ok, like if you are creating an account on a website, but you have to ask your parent to do it with you. They might say “no”, and that’s ok.

Sending a picture or meeting with a stranger

If anyone on the Internet asks you to give them a picture or a video of you or someone else, chances are that it is not ok. You should stop right away and tell your parent. If someone you don’t know asks you to meet with them, like at a park, you should stop talking to them and tell your parent, even if they are a kid like you.

Mean conversations

People use the Internet to talk to each other and a lot of the time they are nice. Sometimes, though, people will say something mean or scary. If that happens, don’t say anything back. Stop talking to them and tell your parent.

Have fun on the Internet and use it as a place to learn, but remember these things:

  • Keep information to yourself.
  • Don’t send a picture or video to a stranger.
  • Don’t meet with a stranger if he or she asks you to on the Internet.
  • If you see a mean or scary thing on the Internet, stop and tell your parent.


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