How to Get a Driver’s Permit for Homeschoolers


Getting a driver’s license can be one of the most exciting and worrying moments for students during their high school years. Most students will carry around their plastic card and show everyone, “I’ve got my driver’s license!”

Really, that driver’s license shouts from the street, “I’ve got freedom! I have responsibility! I’m an adult!” It’s quite a wonderful thing for students desiring independence and responsibility in their lives. None of this is different when talking about homeschoolers or alternative education students.

Obtaining a driver's license will be a slightly different process for everyone based on where they live, and there are parts you will need to become familiar with in your situation. Unless an individual has a legally restrictive circumstance, they should be able to get a driver’s license or learner’s permit. 

Before we begin general requirements, know that homeschoolers’ paperwork has often been dismissed as invalid or incomplete. Please finish reading this article and review the paperwork requirements specific to your state from your DMV's website to know what is required of your student and family.

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Seven Recommendations to Follow to Give Homeschooled Students Structure


Structure originates from the Latin word structura, which means "a fitting together or building." When students work on assignments in a homeschool environment, it is important to have a set of rules. If students follow a schedule and stay productive, they may accomplish more within a smaller window of time.

Here are seven recommendations for providing your homeschooled student with a structured day.

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Steps to Take if Your Homeschool Student Has no Official Records


At Enlightium Academy, we strive to place our students in appropriate courses suitable for their strengths, while remaining academically challenging. Therefore, determining each student’s academic standing is important for proper course placement. Entrance assessments and student records help counselors in this process, but what if your student was homeschooled and there are no official records?

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10 Common Questions About the Verification of Enrollment Form


What is a Verification of Enrollment?

A Verification of Enrollment (VOE), also known as a Certificate of Enrollment or Proof of School Enrollment, is an official document provided by the school confirming that the student is enrolled in that school. It can be used by parents to prove to their state or school district that the student is receiving a quality accredited education in a public school, private school, or homeschool for such purposes as receiving a driver's license in their state or other legal services. Students must demonstrate compliance with attendance requirements in order to receive a Verification of Enrollment.

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10 Answers You Need to Understand the Intent to Homeschool Form


Deciding to homeschool is the first step in an amazing journey. Now that you’ve taken this step, you are probably wondering what legal requirements you have to fulfill so you can start educating your child at home. The important thing to keep in mind as you work through the legal requirements is that you have the right to make decisions about your child’s education. All states recognize, in one way or another, the right of parents to homeschool their children. However, the laws regulating homeschooling vary between states, and it is important for homeschooling families to read and understand these laws, to know their rights, and to ensure they are complying with the relevant regulations.

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