Navigating the 6th Grade Homeschooling Journey: Tips and Strategies for Parents


Homeschooling can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both parents and students. But, when it comes to homeschooling a 6th grader, the stakes may feel higher, and the journey can be a bit more daunting. As you prepare to embark on this new educational adventure with your child, it’s important to be aware of all the challenges that may come up along the way, as well as all the tips and strategies you have at your disposal. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to navigate the 6th-grade homeschooling journey in order to help ensure success for both you and your student.

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Getting Your Homeschooled 12th Grader Ready for Annual Assessments


For homeschooling parents, it can be daunting to ensure that your 12th grader is ready for the various annual assessments they will take. As these tests are essential for college admissions and other future opportunities, it's important to be aware of which assessments are available, what they entail, and how to set up your student for success. In this article, we will discuss the ACT test, CLT test, and SAT test – three common assessments taken by homeschooled students in grade 12.

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What Annual Assessments Do Homeschooled 11th Graders Need to Take?


If you’re homeschooling your 11th grader, it’s important to make sure they are adequately prepared for the college assessments they may need to take. Knowing which tests and assessments are available, as well as when and how to register for them, can help ensure that your homeschooled student has the best chance of success. In this blog post, we will discuss the annual assessments typically taken by 11th-grade students, including:

  • The ACT
  • The CLT 
  • The SAT

Read on to learn more about these different tests and how you can help your student get ready for them.

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How to Get a Driver’s Permit for Homeschoolers


Getting a driver’s license can be one of the most exciting and worrying moments for students during their high school years. Most students will carry around their plastic card and show everyone, “I’ve got my driver’s license!”

Really, that driver’s license shouts from the street, “I’ve got freedom! I have responsibility! I’m an adult!” It’s quite a wonderful thing for students desiring independence and responsibility in their lives. None of this is different when talking about homeschoolers or alternative education students.

Obtaining a driver's license will be a slightly different process for everyone based on where they live, and there are parts you will need to become familiar with in your situation. Unless an individual has a legally restrictive circumstance, they should be able to get a driver’s license or learner’s permit. 

Before we begin general requirements, know that homeschoolers’ paperwork has often been dismissed as invalid or incomplete. Please finish reading this article and review the paperwork requirements specific to your state from your DMV's website to know what is required of your student and family.

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Understanding the Annual Assessments Needed for Homeschooled 10th Graders


Homeschooling is becoming a popular choice for parents who want to have a greater say in the education of their student or provide their students with a unique learning environment. But with this freedom comes the responsibility to be aware of relevant deadlines and responsibilities. Therefore, it is important to understand the annual assessments typically taken by students in grade 10 and what they mean for your student’s future. 

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Navigating Annual Standardized Assessments for Homeschooled Students in Grade 8


For homeschooled students in grade 8, annual assessments are an important part of tracking progress. Not only do they provide feedback on academic strengths and weaknesses, but they can also offer insights into college readiness and career paths. This guide will explore the different tests available to homeschooled students in grade 8, including the PSAT 8/9, the CLT8, and the Iowa Complete. With this information in hand, parents can make informed decisions about which assessments best align with their student’s academic goals.

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Accredited Homeschool Programs for Third-Grade Students


With the increasing demand for quality education, more parents are looking for alternatives to traditional schooling. Homeschooling is one such option, offering a range of benefits including a customized curriculum and flexible learning schedules. For parents considering homeschooling their third-grade students, this blog post will offer some tips on how to choose the best program.

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