10 Tips On Preparing For A Successful Online School Year

10 Tips On Preparing For A Successful Online School Year

Part 1: How to prepare for a successful online school year

At the beginning of each school year many parents and students are asking many “how to”questions. How to get a good grade? How to write a good essay? How to prepare for a quiz or test? And the big one: how should I prepare for a successful online school year?

Instructions for how to prepare for the school year are often read then quickly forgotten. As the weeks go by the enthusiasm of starting a new school year fades in and out. This year will be the same, but I would like to emphasize some tips for preparing for a successful school year that are especially relevant to online students: 

1. Purchase notebooks for each course you have. Get your school supplies just like you are going to a traditional school. You will need them.  

2. Plan ahead for the place where you will work every day. Make it your own and make it fun. Have some colorful pillows or your favorite stuffed animal (I have one too). You are at home, but you need to distinguish this area from the homely feeling of the rest of the house. You will spend several hours every day in this area. Give this area a name (i.e. the school zone”) and don’t move around in the house too often. Consistency and structure are important when you are in an online school or homeschool. The sooner you find that special place the faster you will adjust to the online set up.

3. Have a schedule just as though you were going to a public or private school. Plan to get up the same time every day and follow your planner. Depending on your grade level, plan on 3-7 hours of schoolwork every day.

4. Write your own notes from the beginning of each course. Although it is time-consuming, it is very helpful to have your own notes when you get stuck on a question on a quiz or test. When you write something down it sticks with you and you will remember it faster.

Successful School year5. Save longer answers in Microsoft Word or Mac Pages. Even if you write your answer straight into the box, copy-paste it in a file for those “just in case”moments when it disappears from your screen. If you stay inactive more than 25 minutes in an assignment  (reading is considered inactivity by the system) you get logged out. You can always copy-paste your work to the writing box if it disappears.

6. Review your assignments before a quiz. Review your quizzes before a test. Quiz questions come out from assignments. Test questions come out from quizzes. Follow this advise and you will have super grades.

7. Check at the beginning of each class or unit for special projects - especially in science. You could also spend some time making your science supply list at the very beginning of the school year. Put all of required items in a box and label each of them with the unit and assignment number so you have it on hand when you get there.

8. If you can’t afford something, ask your parents to help you achieve the same results with things from around the house. If a project requires you to use a measuring tape but you dont have one, you can use a ruler or string. You don’t have to go and count the cereal boxes in a store if you live in a rural area; you can check for brand names in the house. Be creative. The goal of these projects is to teach you how to find a solution in whatever circumstance you are in.

9. Don’t be afraid to tell a teacher that you couldn’t do an assignment as it was written, but you did it differently. Make sure you tell your teacher why and listen to their feedback.

10. Ask for help immediately when you need it. The more you get used to this the better grades you will get. I noticed that several students are left alone with their schoolwork. Depending on the program you are enrolled in, you need to ask for help from the teachers or from your parents.

Preparing for a successful online school year can help you relax a bit and enjoy the process. Online school has its differences from traditional schools, but many students find that it fits them very well. The flexibility offered by Enlightium Academy is a great incentive for students to do their best.

I will continue with some other thoughts soon. 

Yesterdays the past, tomorrows the future, but today is a gift. Thats why its called the present. Bil Keane

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