Technical ESOs for 12th Graders: Carefully Storing Sensitive Data


At Enlightium Academy, students have Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs) for each grade level. This means that upon completing the 12th grade, each student is expected to grow not just academically, but spiritually and socially.

One of the three academic ESOs is technical capabilities. Upon reviewing this article, students in 12th grade are expected to understand the reason for carefully storing sensitive data.

As you transition into being an adult, you are going to have a lot more sensitive information to store than you’d think:

  • Financial information, such as banking and stocks
  • Personal email, in which you can store personal information such as tracking financial breakdowns
  • Work email, which likely provides access to some restricted information about your clients

Set up a 2-step verification.

Many major websites that store sensitive information offer 2-step verification. 2-step verification simply means that to log into a website, you need to enter the password as well as a second piece of unique data. This often comes in the form of a text sent to your phone or a code showing on an app on your phone. Once you have entered in both the password and the second unique code, you can continue on to the website.

Guard who has access.

Be mindful of who has access to your computer and online accounts. Default to not providing details such as your net worth or passwords to friends. Don’t make it obvious what your passwords are. Take your own security seriously.

Review the previous articles.

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