Technical ESOs for 6th Graders: Maintaining Christian Values While Accessing the Internet


At EnlightiumAcademy, students have Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs) for each grade level. This means that upon completing the 6th grade, each student is expected to grow not just academically, but also spiritually and socially.

One of the three academic ESOs is technical capabilities. Upon reviewing this article, students in 6th grade are expected to learn how to maintain Christian values while accessing the Internet.

Students should review this article with a parent.

There is a lot of information on the Internet, so it is important as Christians to know what websites are ok to go to and which ones are not. There are a lot of things on the Internet that are unhealthy.

Videos and websites that have violent images

A lot of people use the Internet to post violent content. That information is not good for anyone to watch. If you see something online that has violent content, close it out. You should tell your parent too, because they want what is best for you and can help you avoid it in the future.

Staying away from pornography

It is important to remember that God made some things special for marriage. It might be embarrassing, but you should speak to your parent if you stumble upon pornography. Your parent loves you and can help you if needed. There are several accountability software to help students avoid inappropriate websites.

Websites promoting hate or discrimination

While exploring the Internet, remember that God calls his people to love others. Avoid any website that hurts people due to the color of their skin, their religion, or where they come from. Those websites are hurtful and encourage ungodly behavior.

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