Online Student Computer Software Requirements


In order for your student to use Ignitia, our online curriculum platform, you will need to have a computer with current software installed. The good news is that this is relatively simple, even for those who are not technically savvy. The great news is that our team has listed the requirements below to make this an easy process.

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Safe Social Media Practices for Students


In an age of instant posting, messaging, tweeting, status sharing, etc., social media etiquette for students is an essential subject. Considering the global and permanent nature of the Internet is key. You might think that the comment or picture you posted this weekend will eventually disappear into cyberspace; however, that is not the case.

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Buying the Right Computer for an Online Private School Student


When you are the parent of an online private school student, you might find yourself in a role that you never imagined: Information Technician. You are now in charge of ensuring that your student has all of the correct technology he or she needs to complete the schoolwork.

Buying a computer is like buying a car. Your selection is dependent upon your intended use. A family of six living in Alaska might choose an SUV, while a retired couple in Florida may purchase a convertible. Your computer purchase should complement your lifestyle.

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