Our Team

At Enlightium Academy (EA), all students will have access to our Christian teachers, our admissions team, our counselors, and Ignita’s Ignita’s technical support team.

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Teachers & Students:

Our school provides personalized teacher services for every student.

Students have access to teachers who will guide families through the learning process, personalizing courses to meet students’ needs and offering ongoing support and feedback. Enlightium Academy teachers are fully qualified and experienced professionals, with degrees ranging from bachelors to doctorate degrees. 

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Grades and Feedback

Our teachers grade student lessons with care, addressing the strengths and weaknesses of each student’s work with expertise and compassion. Grades, teacher comments, and student progress can be viewed online by students and parents through the easy-to-use Ignitia platform.

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Mastery-Based Program

Our program is mastery-based, meaning that our counselors can adjust the school year’s content or pace of lessons to suit the needs of individual students. Mastery-based education is centered around the principle that once students demonstrate that they have a proficient understanding of the lesson’s concepts, they may progress to subsequent lessons. This approach allows students to work through lessons at their own speed, with an opportunity to revise each assignment to promote mastery of the material. It also encourages teachers to reinforce key curricular topics according to the needs of individual students.

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Keeping in Touch and Providing Support

Teachers frequently keep in contact with students, responding to questions through the Ignitia software, via email, by phone, through screen share, or even using face-to-face video conferencing depending on the level of support. Teachers and counselors coordinate to customize a student’s curriculum as needed, suggesting academic strategies, and setting up opportunities for further communication.
Faculty office hours are available so that students can receive help in their coursework from an Enlightium Academy teacher.

Guidance and Counseling Support:

Enlightium Academy provides a semester-long course to juniors and some seniors that incrementally guides students through the college preparation and application process. Our counselors can help guide students in selecting the college that will work best for them. For more information on our counselors, visit the Guidance and Counseling page.

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Admissions Team:

The EA Admissions Team will coordinate with parents and the student’s previous school to collect all necessary documentation (i.e. transcripts, IEPs) in order to finalize the student’s enrollment at Enlightium Academy. The Admissions Team also assigns placement tests which, in conjunction with the provided documentation, will be used by the student’s counselor to determine the appropriate courses for that student.

Registration Team:

Registrar Team

The EA Registrar Department manages and maintains the academic records of all active and former students. The Registrar is responsible for the registration of all students, management of all student records and basic information, verification of enrollment/attendance, transcript requests, etc.

Technical Support:

Students and parents can access Ignitia Technical Support at 877-251-6662 Monday–Friday from 7am to 5pm CT. Also, a database of frequently asked questions, system requirements, and an Ignitia Troubleshooting Techniques Handbook are readily accessible.

EA’s Approach to Education:

Enlightium Academy (EA) teachers and staff apply knowledge about students’ individual learning styles, goals, and needs to enhance the curriculum and instruction. Our students benefit from individual academic plans which surpass typical homeschool or online options. EA’s admissions coordinators are available to help guide your family through the enrollment process and nurture students through our comprehensive educational system.

Teachers, parents, and students need to work together to make up the learning team. EA teachers possess academic credentials, strong subject area expertise, and a passion for teaching from a biblical worldview. Additionally, our teachers are well-versed in 21st-century communication skills and computer competency. EA teachers will grade every lesson and regularly instruct their students, providing personalized instruction tailored to maximize learning. They provide academic and emotional support that allows students to be successful while progressing at their own pace. At the core, all EA teachers embody the understanding of teaching as a collaborative process, rather than just the delivery of instruction and assessment of student work.
At Enlightium Academy, we understand that the goal of education is to encourage students to discover and develop their interests, talents, and natural gifts. This approach inspires our students to become active learners who think independently, communicate effectively and see themselves as members of a larger community.