Student Testimonials

  • Kayleigh, Grade 4

    "Thank you so much for all of your help and for extending the time for me to complete my work during my illness. I hope you have a wonderful time for the remaining part of your summer. Did you hear that I won 3rd place in an essay contest for 3rd-5th grades? I won a $50 Amazon gift card as my prize. I am so excited!"
  • Karen, Grade 5

    "We are loving the courses! This is only our second year home schooling[sic] and the last year we didn't use a Christian curriculum. So we are especially enjoying how all the subjects integrate the Bible!!"
  • Michael, Grade 8

    "Thank you for telling me how I did on the lesson. None of my public school teachers would ever say something like that to me."
  • Georgi, Grade 12

    "Writing papers is something I, for real, did not enjoy doing before your class. Other teachers only point out what they didn’t like or what could’ve been done differently. You seem to welcome and encourage my writing style and that has made me so much more confident! It really does mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!"
  • Christopher, Grade 7

    "Thank you so, so much for everything that you have done for me this year. All the things that you have done to put me on the right track and send me in the right direction. What you have done to help me catch up when I was behind. And for helping me when I needed it most. Also for your patience all through out the year. I realize I can be a little slow, but if it weren't for you I would never have completed my year."

Christian-Based Teachings

  • Chuck & Danielle C.

    "Our family prayed about how to ensure that our son would get the best Christian education possible and also get a high school diploma from home. We felt lead by the Lord to check out Enlightium Christian Academy. We are so pleased to find this school as the very best option for our son. Thank you, Enlightium Christian Academy, for helping our family!"
  • Tiffany R.

    "Our family is SO GRATEFUL to have found Enlightium! I was the mom who never wanted to even consider homeschooling (not my thing)! But my hand was a bit forced, when faced with the reality of moving overseas and the high cost of international schools. My husband and I also wanted our daughter (4th grade), to have a God-centered curriculum. We were clueless where to turn...but prayed...and as we searched on-line, came across Enlightium. From the moment we perused the website, we KNEW this was the school for us! The lessons are very user-friendly and we love the flexibility (and Enlightium RECORDS the GRADES - Hallelujah!). We just enrolled our daughter for 5th grade and look forward to another great year. Thank you Enlightium!"
  • Melanie M.

    "I have 5 children that have been students at Enlightium Academy. My oldest daughter has gone on to become a missionary in Mexico. My other 4 children are enrolled in the high school program. The curriculum is Christian based, which is of paramount importance to my family. The staff has supported our family, from the administration to the teaching staff, with respect and prompt attention to my or my children's questions. I would highly recommend Enlightium Academy to any family looking for a Christian based education that will meet the needs of students who are struggling learners to gifted learners."
  • Loresel F.

    "Enlightium Academy has been such a blessing for our family. I proudly tell my relatives and friends that my daughter is learning about the Bible, with it being incorporated into every subject. I look forward to working with Enlightium Academy until she graduates."
  • Donna D.

    "We are finishing our 1st year with Enlightium Academy and are pleased with our daughter's progress. Thank you for providing a quality Christian education that can be obtained in our home. We appreciate the ability to do so and see her doing so well. Thank you again!"

Curriculum That Helps You Excel

  • Lia R.

    "I love Enlightium Christian Academy. It is homeschooling that gives accountability from a Christian perspective. I can still help my daughter along with her studies and she feels confident in her work. The curriculum is very dynamic and keeps the student engaged. I think this is great for older students who want the independence but may need some extra help sometimes. The staff is also so very helpful and nice. Thanks, Enlightium Academy, for giving my daughter a second chance!"
  • Stacy H.

    "As a Christian home schooling single parent mother, I wanted my son to have the privilege of attending a Bible based Christian school. I had researched on the internet for at least a month to find a Christian school with high academics. I am very pleased to say this is the second year that my son has been enrolled in Enlightium Christian Academy. My son truly enjoy's his online courses and learning is something he looks forward to! I must say that I feel the curriculum is a higher standard of learning, which ensures me that my son is above the mark for where he needs to be. The teacher's at ECA are extremely nice, helpful and quick to answer any question he or I may have. It is a blessing to watch my son became such a well rounded fine young boy. ECA is not just an online school to us....ECA is absolutely part of our family that makes learning complete! Thank you everyone at ECA!"
  • Angela P.

    "I am a parent of a Enlightium Christian Academy student. I am so grateful for the opportunity for my daughter to finish her last year of high school with Enlightium Christian Academy. She has learned much more with Enlightium Christian Academy than she did in public school. She actually looks forward to doing her homework. Every time she needs help with a problem a teacher is always readily available to help. If I as a parent am needing to know how my daughter is doing with her school work, I can easily log in and check her progress. Enlightium Christian Academy is a school that I would highly recommend to any parent who needs a good education for their children. Thank you, Enlightium Christian Academy."
  • Chuck K.

    "Our children were in a "PACE" school before. We just felt it was not the best God had for our children. We looked online to find a program that could be done online. That's when we found Enlightium Academy. The cost was excellent and our kids, ages sixteen and eleven, loved it. They found it challenging and the flexibility is great for them and us. This is our second year with Enlightium Academy and we are very pleased with how staff keeps us informed of our children's progress. God Bless."
  • Theresa K.

    "I would gladly refer anyone to this school. I researched many online studies for my son, Jonathon. He is very pleased and so am I. The staff is very supportive and the courses are excellent. We are extremely pleased with Enlightium Academy’s home school study and regard it as a great blessing!!!"

Teachers, Right By Your Side

  • Magdalena D.

    "Just a quick note to tell you how pleased and happy my husband and I are with Enlightium Christian Academy. Our boys also love it. I like the fact that somebody is doing the grading, besides me, and I can check every day the boys' progress, which I do. I like that Enlightium Academy sends weekly reports and that I can communicate with the teachers. The site is great, the boys love being on-line versus having to go through books...less mess for us...I am happy, happy, happy...thank you so much...."
  • Mrs. K.

    "I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your efforts and Enlightium Academy in general. We did another online program last year and it was terrible! Thanks to you all who work so hard in order for our children to get a great education and also to keep the parents' abreast of what's going on. I really appreciate the Weekly Progress Reports because as a working mom, I don't have the kind of time I should to keep track of all Rachel's schoolwork. Once again, thank you ALL!"
  • Brian W.

    "All personnel at Enlightium have been wonderful. They are prompt at returning your inquiry and helping with any and all online learning curriculum. My son has thrived at learning by being a part of Enlightium Academy. We are looking forward to the fall semester and continuing another year with Enlightium."
  • Renae T.

    "My daughter has been enrolled for five years. She has multiple medical problems but the advisors are willing to work with her to accommodate her needs. I would recommend this program without hesitation. She is thriving and has growth tremendously academically and socially."
  • Robynn C.

    "What I regret most about Enlightium Christian Academy is that I didn't find it sooner! After having our children enrolled with another online home school and being so frustrated I just began to search out home schools online. "How do you make the right choice?" Well, it’s not by just giving it a try, trust me. Other home schools promise to call you back when you have a question and they don't or they offer individual help upon a need but they get back to you in a week. Not to mention the $2400 a year per child! There are so many choices but who do you choose? Well, the first time I contacted Enlightium Academy and every time since, I have always gotten a hold of someone. Such support was especially helpful my first week when I was trying to find my way around. They either picked up the phone when I called or were calling me on my other line when I tried to leave a message. When our honeymoon and holidays were over - nothing changed. The same consistency lasted the entire year and I couldn't be happier. Our children love the school and really like the teaching techniques. Not only are my children learning, but they are also building a solid relationship with the Lord. In fact, our son received the Holy Spirit just this summer! We can count on Enlightium Academy to aid in the education of our children and to strengthen their personal relationship with the Lord. Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job and keep up the good work!"

No Ties to a Classroom or Schedule

  • Pastor Gregory & Michelle G.

    "My wife and I have enjoyed our online home-schooling experience! We are in full-time ministry and love the fact that our kids can travel with us. They basically can go to school anytime and in any place as long as we have a good internet connection. We, also, love the fact that they are being taught true Biblical principles, instead of some theory that man came up with. They will grow up knowing who the Creator truly is and His laws that set into motion the created world we live in today. Enlightium Christian Academy is truly a blessing to our household. We recommend it to parents in our congregation that are looking to home-school their kids. I thank God for the technology that allows our kids to get an education with a simple click of a button."
  • Caleb K.

    "Enlightium Christian Academy online school has been a wonderfully enriching program. I decided to first enroll in order to take advantage of the accelerated program and finish high school early. This is becoming a reality day after day because I can work at my own pace. I can grow and excel at a faster pace with no restrictions or limitations. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an online school experience like no other."
  • Kelly T.

    "I would like to let you know how pleased I am with the online schooling. We have been searching for a program to try out because our family will be traveling a lot next year and two out of three of our children will need to be home schooled. We enrolled our daughter on a trial basis and loved it so much that now we are considering pulling our 10th grader out of the public school and enrolling him too. The education is better than in the public school and is creation based. If there is ever something you don't understand, there is messaging and phone numbers to call. The staff is very friendly and willing to help. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for alternative schooling with a Christian environment, low cost tuition and friendly teachers."
  • Joseph D.

    "We love the Bible centered curriculum offered by Enlightium Academy, and its academic excellence! We chose the Silver Tuition with Standard Support, and found all of the teachers to be very qualified, friendly, and helpful. This is an excellent choice for parents who are considering homeschooling their children. It has the benefits of an online Christian school, and the flexibility of homeschool. The program is accredited and teacher-led, and we are confident that our son is receiving what he needs to receive an excellent education and be prepared for the future. We highly recommend Enlightium Academy!"
  • Tricia M.

    "Enlightium Academy has been an answer to our prayers. After much soul-searching and debate, we decided to pull our son out of public schools mid-year for various reasons, and he is a changed young man because of this decision. Although he has found this curriculum to be more challenging, he enjoys the flexibility and his teachers even without being in the typical classroom. His teachers respond quickly and in a caring matter and address any concerns he has. If I have a concern, Enlightium has responded promptly to my inquiries. Enlightium was recommended to us by friends and we have recommended to others and will continue to enjoy seeing our son actually enjoy learning instead of dreading a school day. Thank you, Enlightium, for all you do. We really appreciate your gracious welcome to your Academy.!"

Affordable High Quality Education

  • Annie C.

    "My name is Annie Cattledge and I heard about Enlightium Christian Academy for my grand-daughter by surfing the web under Christain Homeschool. When I came across this school I was very please with the background I found. The advisor I got was very helpful and always answered our questions. This school was very affordable for my income so I was glad to let my grand-daughter be a part of Enlightium Academy. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants their children to learn at their own pace with a friendly helping hand."
  • Celina H.

    "This is our first year of homeschooling and we love it! Enlightium Christian Academy has made this process easy for us to understand and to ensure that our daughter is getting the education that we value. We are thankful that we found Enlightium Christian Academy with its excellent cost for all types of families. I like being able to sit with my daughter and read what she is studying and help her in a safe environment. Having access to her school work is a good way to stay in touch with her academics. I love the way Christ and Christianity are taught throughout the entire curriculum. This is definitely a great school to teach our children to live in a healthy Christian way."
  • Caroline C.

    "Well, thank you, Enlightium Christian Academy, for allowing me the opportunity to share with all those who are seeking a Christian home school or home schooling program. I've been satisfied with qualifications of outstanding staff and Christian values. The staff is loving, polite, sensitive and responds quickly. I truly do recommend Enlightium Christian Academy to all students. There are three reasons why I decided to enroll my daughter at Enlightium Christian Academy. It may seem like a few, however, the 'few' are very valuable to my heart. One reason is tuition. I could not afford the tuition any longer at her previous school due to the death of my husband. Another reason is that my daughter has always gone to a Christian school since preschool age. It was very difficult for me to put her in a public school. I'm not putting down the public schools but the Word of God is not being taught there. The third reason is her grades. They have improved a great deal. Her GPA has gone up. Such success brings an encouraging and confident spirit to surface which enhances her motivation to do better. I am grateful and I feel safe with the decision I've made for my daughter and myself as to being a part of a great school, Enlightium Christian Academy."
  • Bogdan L.

    "We are excited to have our daughter be enrolled at Enlightium Christian Academy. We looked at many different other schools and none fit what we needed. They have what we were looking for. Right curriculum and good price. I can't believe it's been a year now and we just registered for second year with them. Looking forward to it!"
  • Kristin A.

    "We have been pleased with Enlightium Academy. It is an affordable alternative to private school with the flexibility of a homeschool schedule. The teacher-lead and graded curriculum allows our son to take ownership of his education without over-involvement from us parents. We also appreciate the Christian focus and the encouragement of the teachers."