Frequently Asked Questions

At Enlightium Academy, we want to make sure that all our students and families feel heard and supported. We do our best to address all your concerns below.

However, if you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed, please call us at (509) 319-2288 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What Can We Help With?


Does Enlightium Academy offer an Honors Program?

Enlightium does offer an Honors Program for students in teacher-led programs who are in grades 3–12! Honor courses are available for most English, history, math, and science courses and contain more in-depth material.

After your student has completed the admissions process, their Enlightium counselor will work with your family to see if your student is eligible for honor courses based on their scores on Enlightium’s entrance assessments and the grades from their previous school.

For students in grades 9–12, honor courses are identified as “HR” on their Enlightium transcripts. Additionally, most honor courses are NCAA approved and can be assigned to students seeking eligibility to compete as an athlete at the collegiate level. 

Honor courses have a weighted GPA value of +0.5 to the student’s final GPA. High school students can pursue a College Preparatory/Honor Courses/Honors Diploma.

How does Enlightium Academy assist student athletes?

Enlightium provides NCAA approved courses for student athletes. More information can be found on Enlightium’s NCAA page.

Does Enlightium offer advanced courses?

Yes, Enlightium Academy offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses through College Board for grades 9–12. These types of courses demand the highest level of participation, peer collaboration, and quality of work from students. Students may need to start the AP course(s) as early as July to get ready to take the AP exam in May. The AP programs allow students to participate in a college-level course and earn college credits while still in high school. An Enlightium counselor will work with parents to determine if the student would be able to manage and be successful in Honors or AP courses.

Advanced Placement is identified on transcripts as “AP”. Both have a weighted value of +1.0 to the student's final GPA.

If my student failed classes in their previous school, how can Enlightium Academy help?

During the admissions process, students take entrance assessments and records are received from the student’s previous school. The student’s Enlightium counselor will then work with parents to assign the appropriate courses to ensure the student’s success.

The student may be assigned, at the counselor’s discretion, parts of a previously failed course, foundational courses to allow the student to relearn the building blocks, and/or credit recovery courses. As the student progresses in the school year, it is vital that the student and parent communicate to the Enlightium counselor if their student is still struggling in one or more courses.

If my student struggles academically, how can Enlightium Academy help with learning challenges?

Enlightium Academy offers specialized accommodations to the student’s coursework. Your student’s counselor will review the student’s entrance assessment results and their records from the previous school to determine what program would be most appropriate for the student. If specialized accommodations or modifications are required, a referral to the principal's office and the intervention team will be made and the student’s counselor will be required to wait to assign courses until after an evaluation and/or consultation has been completed.

What if my student has a hard time grasping academic concepts when taking online courses?

Your student’s Enlightium teacherswill answer your student’s academic questions via messages within the Ignitia platform. Phone support, screensharing, and face-to-face video chat are also available for students in the Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Live packages. Teachers will actively work to provide each student proper scaffolding for success. This means that the teacher will seek to give exactly the right amount of support for each student to be challenged yet successful.

*Teacher support is available to students in grades 3-12 in the Silver, Silver+, Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Live packages.

What is the English Language Learner (ELL) Program?

Enlightium Academy’s English Language Learners (ELL) Program offers students in grades 8-12, whose first language is not English, targeted support through modified English courses, English language practice and lessons, and instruction by a trained ELL instructor. This program is designed to equip older intermediate and advanced English language learners for transition to standard courses.

How does Enlightium Academy work with students who need academic intervention?

Students with learning challenges will be evaluated carefully with consideration of the type and severity of the challenge, as well as Enlightium’s capacity to accommodate the challenges.

Although we enroll students identified as needing Individualized Education Program (IEP) services, Enlightium Academy does not assess or update service plans. We customize curriculum, assignments, and academic standards for families that seek adaptations through a service plan in collaboration with each student’s resident district and based on the resident district created and managed Individual Service Plan (ISP). Students that would like to access our academic intervention program without a service plan will be evaluated carefully by a team of qualified Enlightium staff in collaboration with parents.

Enlightium Academy also provides Section 504 accommodations for students with diagnosed health impairments not requiring a service plan or academic adaptations. Our ISP and 504 Coordinator will work closely with the student’s parents, teachers, guidance counselor, and Enlightium Academy’s Assistant Principal to support student success while enrolled with Enlightium Academy.

For more information about these programs, see the Specialized Accommodations page.

Enlightium Academy reserves the right to decline enrollment to students with learning challenges if Enlightium lacks facilities and/or staffing to meet the needs of said student in the fullest possible way.

Are students required to use any textbooks?

The curriculum for PreK-2nd grade is textbook-based which is a separate cost than tuition. Parents then upload work samples and grades into the online platform several times each month.

For grades 3–12, the textbooks are built into the online learning platform. Students may still need to purchase additional material, typically for science and English courses. Families should review each course description for the phrase “Access Supply List”; these list any textbooks, science equipment, and other materials needed for the course. If students are unable to access material, they can simply message their teacher.

High school students taking Advanced Placement courses have required textbooks, as noted in the overview for each course.

How much time do students have to finish the school year?

The school year consists of 180 days over nine or ten months. Students are required to finish all work assigned within the given timeframe. Students enrolled in a one-semester course will have about 90 school days to complete the course. Enlightium offers summer school to those students who need more time to complete the school year; a summer school fee may apply.

Does Enlightium Academy offer standardized testing?

During the fourth quarter, Enlightium offers the IXL Diagnostic and the Iowa Complete for grades 3–8. Additionally, guidance for college-preparatory assessments is available to students in grades 9-12. Click here for a full list of testing options.

How does Enlightium Academy keep students accountable for assigned academic work?

Enlightium operates within an academic school year consisting of 180 instructional days with a defined first and last day of school. Students enrolled from the beginning of the school year are expected to complete all assigned courses within the 180 school days, unless a summer school extension is provided. 

For students in grades 3-12, the daily schedule is assigned within the online learning platform that lists the assignments to be completed on each school day. Students are free to complete the daily assignments at any time throughout the day. Students should plan to complete the week’s work by Sunday night.

At Enlightium, we developed a progress summary notification that is sent weekly via email to keep parents informed and empower them with the information needed to keep their students accountable, and to help meet or exceed their state attendance standards and maintain our accreditation requirements. This email will provide a summary of key metrics like assignments completed vs. assignments due in the previous week, time spent, average score on multiple assignment types, and other data that will help parents gauge if their student is keeping up with the material and identify any red flags early on.

For students in the Homeschool Program, parents are provided a schedule to keep the student on track to finish the school year on time.


Can I homeschool in my state?

Enlightium utilizes a nationally accredited Christian curriculum that is approved in all 50 states. Some states do require notification and/or documentation, such as ensuring that standard courses are being taken. We are more than happy to assist in the collection of any necessary documentation.

While it is the family’s responsibility to research and follow through with state regulations regarding homeschooling, Enlightium provides:

  • State resources which act as a starting point for how Enlightium can help fulfill any requirements.
  • State-specific groups in Enlightium’s Parent app.
My school district requires documentation that my student is enrolled with Enlightium. What should I do?

Once your student is enrolled, a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) can be requested by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with the reason for the request. Standard processing time is 3-5 working days depending on the purpose of the VOE.

I homeschooled my students. What should I do when applying to Enlightium Academy?

You need to collect any recent standardized test results (if available), core subject test grades, and any recent homeschool report cards (or ask for our template). If enrolling for high school, you will also need to collect sample essays, projects, and major assignments that your student did during each high school year along with the transcript. In some situations, more supporting documents might be required.

Please organize your documentation by subject: math, English, history, science, etc. Your student’s Enlightium counselor will also need to know the name of the curriculum that you used. You can then provide this information to the Enlightium admissions team during or after the enrollment process. Your student’s counselor may reach out to you if they have any questions or to request that you provide additional documentation.

When does the school year begin?

The school year’s start date can be found on Enlightium’s calendar.

Are students only admitted during certain times of the year?

Enlightium offers an open enrollment, which means that students can start anytime. Students can begin:

  • During the summer using Early Start (grades PreK8) or Summer Courses (grades 9-12).
  • At the standard start of the school year.
  • After the first day of school with their counselor helping create a custom plan.

Additionally, students who already completed some coursework at another school can enroll at Enlightium anytime during the school year. Their Enlightium counselor will help create a course schedule that best fits the student.

How can I send records to Enlightium Academy?

Enlightium Academy accepts report cards electronically from parents/guardians for students in grades K-8 and transcripts for students in grades 9–12. Please do not send records until after the enrollment form is submitted.

You can send records:

Why does my child need to take the entrance assessments?

These assessments help evaluate that the student’s knowledge from the previous school aligns with Enlightium’s curriculum. In general, the Math and English Entrance Assessments scores will be used in conjunction with the previous school’s records in assigning courses.

I do not know if online learning is the right fit for my students. May I talk to someone?

Absolutely! Our academic consultants are available Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm PT (8:00 am to 7:00 pm ET). Please call (509) 319-2288 // option 1 to speak with an Enlightium academic consultant. We look forward to discussing your student's educational needs.


Is Enlightium Academy accredited?

Enlightium Academy is a private school accredited by both Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI); therefore, credits awarded by Enlightium are accepted at any K-12 school, college, or university nationwide, and are recognized internationally.

Enlightium Academy is accredited, licensed, and approved by the following organizations:

For more information, see the Accreditation page.

What courses are offered at Enlightium Academy?

Enlightium offers for students in grades:

*Core courses at Enlightium Academy are Bible, English, history, math, and science.

How quickly can students work through the curriculum?

Enlightium’s standard school year is 180 days; with summer school, this is extended to 210 days. Deadlines for students’ coursework are spread over the course of the school year; this allows students to move through the curriculum at their own speed. Enlightium’s program is mastery-based which provides students the opportunity to move quicker in some subjects and spend additional time in other subjects.

Additionally, students have access to the curriculum for most days of the school year (including weekends and holidays) and can use those days to catch up or work ahead.

Can I start courses while I’m waiting for the counselor to reach out to me?

Grades PreK-2:

Students will not be able to begin working until they receive their textbooks in the mail. In the meantime, they can participate in Enlightium’s social and spiritual offerings. Parents will also have access to a Parent Orientation.

Grades 3–12:

Students will be provided access to their Student Orientation within a few days of their course start date. Students can also participate in Enlightium’s social and spiritual offerings.

Daily Work

Are there specific times in the day when students need to login?

There are no specific times that students need to work each day. Students can log in at any time of the day for most days of the school year. Staff and teacher support are available during standard school hours, which are typically 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time. 

Are students enrolled at Enlightium Academy still in control of their own schedule?

One of the benefits of Enlightium Academy is flexibility. Students have the freedom to work during the hours that best fit their schedule. Check out Enlightium’s suggested daily planner for an example of an Enlightium student’s schedule.

While students have flexibility in their schedule, students should plan to complete each week’s work by Sunday night. Due dates are provided within Ignitia to help the student stay on track. Students do not lose credit for missing deadlines, as long as all work is submitted by the course’s end date.

Parents receive weekly progress emails which show if a student is on track or behind. If a student is falling behind, they can use evenings, weekends, and holidays to catch up. If a student works ahead, they have the option to complete the school year early.

Who do I contact if my student will not be able to complete schoolwork due to travel, illness, or another reason?

1-2 days of absence

Simply have the student work ahead of time (if possible) and afterward to catch up on overdue assignments.

3-10 days of absence

Submit Enlightium’s Absence Form. Have the student work ahead of time (if possible) and afterward to catch up on overdue assignments.

11+ days of absence

Contact the principal's office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Absences longer than two weeks (ten school days) must be approved by the principal’s office.

Does Enlightium Academy provide spiritual resources and opportunities for Enlightium families?

Enlightium provides various resources for the spiritual development of its students:

  • 1-2 Bible Studies each month for students in grades PreK-2
  • 2 Bible Studies each month for grade school, middle school, and high school
  • The Mission Program, which provides students with biblical and theological lessons, one-on-one feedback from the Mission Coordinator, and student-parent led ministry goals 
  • Monthly chapel services shared on the Enlightium Parents app and on Enlightium Academy’s Youtube channel 
  • Theology in action videos and blogs to encourage family conversations on Biblical principles
  • The Spiritual group on the Enlightium Parents app
  • Spiritual Awareness Week, which is an annual event discussing Enlightium’s spiritual focus for staff, faculty, students, and their parents 
  • Weekly prayer sessions by Enlightium’s team
Does Enlightium offer any social opportunities for students?

Social events are offered throughout the year, including:

  • Student Council elections and open student council meetings
  • Food drives and similar events

Additionally, during Student Social Week, families can register their students for various social activities. Late registration is available for some events.

Graduation and Beyond

Will your program prepare students for college?

Enlightium Academy has been preparing students for colleges and universities since 2003. Students in grades 9-12 are provided Education, Career and Life Readiness (ECLR) curriculum to help build life skills, and they may be able to take the following courses:

View Enlightium graduates’ college acceptances

What is the maximum age a student can be to earn their high school diploma from Enlightium Academy?

Enlightium Academy is based out of Washington state, which has a maximum age limit of 21 to receive a diploma. This means that students must obtain their high school diploma by their 21st birthday.

Does Enlightium Academy offer Honors diplomas?

Yes! Click here for a list of requirements to receive an Honors diploma.

Are there any fees for obtaining a diploma for graduating seniors?

There will be a $150 graduation fee for students in grade 12:

  • If the prepayment option is chosen, the fee is added to the tuition payment.
  • If the monthly payment plan is chosen, the fee will be divided evenly among the monthly payments.

If the diploma needs to be mailed internationally, the graduation fee is $300.


Does my student have to be connected to the Internet while doing schoolwork?

Grades PreK-2: 

Students do not need internet access to complete most, if not all, of their work. However, parents need Internet access to upload work and grades, typically 1-2 times per month.

Grades 3–12:

Students need an internet connection to access the curriculum. Students can learn from any device that can access the Internet using a browser such as Chrome or Firefox; however, it is recommended to use only a laptop or desktop computer to submit work such as quizzes and tests.

Learn more about which types of internet connections work best with Ignitia.

Can I use a satellite internet connection if I live in a remote area?

It is not recommended to use satellite internet connections because of occasional reports of difficulty transmitting information to the main server. An ordinary dial-up connection usually works better than a satellite connection. However, if there are no other options, families may try using a satellite connection if they are willing to assume the risk. Learn more about which types of internet connections work best with Ignitia.

Why have I not received any emails from Enlightium Academy?

Please look for “Enlightium:” in the subject line of the emails you receive. If you do not see emails from us and believe that you should be receiving some, please check your spam folder and make sure to whitelist “enlightiumacademy.com” to receive all emails. You can also give us a call at (509) 319-2288 option 0 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

Enlightium Academy is a private Christian school serving homeschool, online, and Alliance school students on their journey to embrace their God-given talents and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge from the biblical worldview.

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