Discover the Benefits of Homeschool Programs in Pennsylvania


Are you a parent in Pennsylvania looking for an alternative educational option for your child? Homeschool programs in Pennsylvania offer many benefits and opportunities to help your child reach their full potential. From the flexibility of individualized learning plans to the room to foster a sense of curiosity and exploration, homeschooling provides an enriching environment in which children can develop. In this blog post, we'll explore the advantages of homeschooling in Pennsylvania.

The past decade has seen an increase in the number of homeschooled students across the United States. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, millions of children in America are being educated at home. Pennsylvania is no exception; the state is home to a large and growing population of homeschoolers.

So, why have so many parents chosen to pursue homeschooling for their children? There are numerous potential benefits to homeschool programs in Pennsylvania. These include:

  • The flexibility to create individualized learning plans that meet each student's needs and interests
  • The ability to explore subjects in depth with plenty of time for hands-on learning
  • A greater emphasis on developing skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity
  • Increased family bonding and communication through shared learning experiences
  • A supportive educational environment free from bullying or peer pressure

When it comes to the types of homeschool programs available in Pennsylvania, there are three main options. Blended learning combines elements of traditional brick-and-mortar education with online courses for personalized instruction. Online-only schools give students access to digital coursework and resources, available anywhere with an internet connection. Co-ops allow children from similar backgrounds or interests to collaborate and learn together under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

When considering a homeschool program in Pennsylvania, there are a few key regulations to take into account, such as the need to keep attendance records throughout the child's academic career. It's important for parents to familiarize themselves with these regulations before making any decisions about their child's education.

Pennsylvania is an ideal place for families looking for a quality homeschool experience that meets individual student needs. With its abundance of supportive resources and wide range of options available, parents can find the perfect program that works best for their unique situation. From providing flexibility and customization capabilities to fostering independent exploration and self-discovery, homeschooling can be an enriching journey that yields lifelong rewards.

Choose Enlightium Academy!

Enlightium Academy is a leading private Christian school that is ready to serve your homeschool student with an award-winning curriculum, affordable tuition, and highly-reviewed experience. The curriculum is Christian, flexible, customizable, rigorous, and engaging.

Our teacher-led, accredited private school performs all the activities that the state of Pennsylvania requires, such as assigning classes, grading, providing feedback, teaching, and providing student accountability. We would love to prepare your student for academic and spiritual success with you. We accept new students throughout the school year, so you can get started today in three easy steps.

A Personalized Learning Plan for Students

During the enrollment phase, counselors evaluate diagnostic test results and previous school records. They then determine the student's education plan and curriculum in collaboration with parental input. At Enlightium, we serve a wide range of students, from students at-risk to students who need a personalized approach to learning. 

In addition, Enlightium supports high-achieving students via personalized learning. Students who score above average at their grade level in the diagnostic tests and who display above-average performance on their previous school’s progress report (B’s and above) may be considered for honor courses. Honor courses demand more effort from students since they move at a heightened pace, contain more projects, and explore subjects with more depth. 

Personalization also provides an opportunity for progressing ahead of school peers. Per their Enlightium counselor’s approval and collaboration with teachers and parents, a student may take advanced courses beyond their grade level. An accelerated path is available to students where they can complete grade levels at a faster pace. Fees apply for courses above the regular course requirements or standard course load.

Explore Subjects in Depth

Enlightium Academy provides a quality, interactive online Ignitia curriculum for grades 3-12 and at-home textbook options for students in grades PreK-2. Employing the latest multimedia techniques, including interactive visuals, games, and other activities, Enlightium Academy fosters a rich learning environment.

Enlightium offers over 100 electives across all grade levels, including world languages and career-oriented courses. These immerse the student in an enriching, multi-dimensional educational experience that includes video clips, audio files, challenging games, interactive exercises, and more.

Students in grades PreK-12 can also enroll in Enlightium’s Sapphire Live package. Sapphire Live is our premier package for synchronous learning. This package is designed for a learning experience similar to a traditional brick-and-mortar school that has been optimized and moved completely online. The package includes daily small-group instruction for core classes (math, English, science, history, and Bible) and some electives.

Join Other Pennsylvanian Families Enrolled at Enlightium Academy

Many families in Pennsylvania are enrolled in Enlightium Academy and working towards an accredited high school diploma. At Enlightium Academy, we offer an accredited curriculum to ensure our homeschool students are recognized at colleges and universities. In fact, Enlightium graduates have even been accepted into local Pennsylvania colleges and universities!

After enrolling, you can join the Pennsylvania Group in the Enlightium Parents app to receive reminders and updates on Pennsylvania homeschooling requirements and meet other Enlightium families living in Pennsylvania. Enlightium’s team will also provide guidance and resources to help your family understand and fulfill your state’s legal homeschooling requirements.


Enlightium Academy is a private Christian online school that serves homeschooling families by offering a Bible-based, flexible, accredited, teacher-supported, and affordable education from the comfort of your home. For any other questions about Enlightium, please call (509) 319-2288, or visit


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