Does an Online School Diploma Hold the Same Weight as a Traditional High School Diploma?


With the growing popularity of online schooling, more parents are considering enrolling their children in an online school. But a common concern among these parents is whether or not their child's diploma will be taken seriously by universities and employers. After all, the traditional high school diploma has been seen as a benchmark of success for generations. So can an online school diploma stand up to the same standard? The answer is yes!

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Regents Exams: What New York Families Need to Know


The Regents Examinations are a series of standardized tests given to high school students in New York. New York requires all high school students to pass standardized tests to meet graduation requirements. While Enlightium Academy does not require its students to take the Regents, it is a method of testing available to high school students in New York that allows students to meet the minimum requirements needed for graduation.

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