Accredited Homeschool Programs for Third-Grade Students


With the increasing demand for quality education, more parents are looking for alternatives to traditional schooling. Homeschooling is one such option, offering a range of benefits including a customized curriculum and flexible learning schedules. For parents considering homeschooling their third-grade students, this blog post will offer some tips on how to choose the best program.

Homeschooling offers an excellent opportunity for parents to take charge of their child’s education. When homeschooling your third-grade student, you will need to consider the curriculum options available. Popular curricula include Ignitia and the BJU Press curriculum. 

Socialization is an important part of a child’s development at this age and it’s important to ensure that your child is getting adequate interaction with other students. There are plenty of homeschool support groups available for parents as well as co-ops where children can get together for activities and field trips. Joining these groups can help provide social opportunities for your child while still allowing you to maintain the flexibility that comes with homeschooling.

With any new endeavor, there will be challenges along the way; the same is true when starting off on the homeschooling journey. It’s important to keep in mind that it takes time and patience to build up a routine that works best for both parent and student. Being consistent in the student’s learning environment is key, and setting up positive reinforcement systems can go a long way in motivating your child throughout the year.

In order to make sure your third-grade homeschooler is getting the most out of their educational experience, creating an effective learning environment is essential. Setting up regular study times and breaks during the day helps create structure while also allowing them time for play or leisure activities as well. Establishing rules for behavior and consequences when those rules are broken can help students feel that they are being treated fairly and alleviate frustration from both parties. Additionally, providing additional support through enrichment classes can help your child stay on track in their studies.

Homeschooling offers many wonderful benefits for 3rd-grade students including a customized curriculum, flexible learning schedules, socialization opportunities, and more control over their academic success. If you’re interested in an accredited homeschool program for your third grader, consider Enlightium Academy!

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Enlightium Academy provides a quality, interactive online Ignitia curriculum for grades 3-12. Employing the latest multimedia techniques, including interactive visuals, games, and other activities, Enlightium Academy fosters a rich learning environment. Enlightium offers over 100 electives across all grade levels, including world languages and career-oriented courses.

Students in grades PreK-2 can choose from two book-based curricula: AOP and BJU. The Primary Support package offers the benefits of accreditation while following a parent-led, print-based teaching model.

The Primary Support package is a parent-led program designed for students whose parents want to take the initiative of educating their own child using the print-based curriculum while remaining under the umbrella and guidance of Enlightium Academy. Enlightium Academy will provide record-keeping services, grading verification, and administrative support for parents that are homeschooling their children.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule!

Enlightium students have a flexible schedule and can work at their own pace. But what does working at your own pace mean? It means: 

  • That you can finish your school work each week AND live your life. Many Enlightium students travel during the school year, are professional athletes and entertainers, or work ahead and finish high school in less than four years.
  • If you are an early bird, you can wake up early, finish your schoolwork by noon, and enjoy the rest of your day! If you are a night owl, you can complete your assignments at night. If you want to mix it up, you can do work throughout the day with breaks.
  • If you want to or need to travel, you and your family can plan ahead so that you do some schoolwork on nights and weekends before and after your trip so you can enjoy traveling without having to worry about school.
  • If difficult life circumstances occur, you can use nights, weekends, and holidays to stay on track.

Your Students Can Socialize with Students from Around the World!

Enlightium Academy is proud to offer students the unique opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and competitive events. Students in grades PreK-12 have the option to participate in an Enlightium Academy social event; these range from spelling bees to a pen pal program. Additionally, we encourage Enlightium students to socialize with friends from their church’s youth groups, with family members, and through local sports.

Start a Co-Op!

There is a growing trend among Christian families to provide their children with private education. If you have ever considered providing an alternative Christian school to your community, we can help you get started quickly without the high costs. Enlightium Academy has been identified by the Association of Christian Schools International as a top provider of school partnerships. By partnering with us, you can provide an opportunity for the parents in your community to enroll their children in a quality, accredited, Christ-centered school from your church or academic facility. We offer an online Christian curriculum, the Naviance college and career readiness platform, certified teachers, counselors, and a caring staff. Our goal is to help your organization provide an affordable and personalized Christian education to your local community.


Enlightium Academy is a private Christian online school that serves homeschooling families by offering a Bible-based, flexible, accredited, teacher-supported, and affordable education from the comfort of your home. For any other questions about Enlightium, please call (509) 319-2288, or visit


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