Enlightium Co-Op

Enlightium Academy partners with churches, as well as private schools to help them start new academic programs or quickly expand their offerings.

An Enlightium Academy Co-Op provides your students the convenience of learning online or in a blended learning environment at a pace that’s right for them. We can work directly with your students within our standard model and provide them a significant tuition discount or we can work through your organization for a more customized approach.

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Enlightium Co-Op Opportunities

Benefits of an Enlightium Co-Op School

Academic Assistance

Enlightium Academy provides academic planning, grading, report cards, and transcripts for all Co-Op students.

Choose Who's in Charge

We can take a hands-on or hands-off approach based on your preferences or needs concerning communication and course selection.

Easy Expansion

With an Enlightium Academy Co-Op School, you can start or expand your Christian school to include elementary, middle, or high school without adding classrooms, teachers, or resources.

Full Accreditation

Parents and students get the security of knowing courses from Enlightium Academy are held to high quality standards necessary to maintain accreditation, which is recognized worldwide by colleges and universities.

Qualified Teachers

All Enlightium Academy teachers provide proven teaching excellence and have a degree or certification in the fields they teach.

Selective Enrollment

You have the flexibility to enroll your entire school or individual students based on your needs throughout the year, not just at the beginning of a term.

Tuition Savings

Offer your community a significant tuition discount by enrolling ten or more full-time students.

Wide Variety

You can offer your students a Christian online curriculum that includes over 60 high school electives.
Compare Co-Op School Options

  Partner School
Partner school enrolls student on behalf of family N/A
Partner school refers family to Enlightium Academy to enroll student N/A N/A
Partner school is the primary school of record and holds responsibility for course selection, report cards, and transcripts N/A N/A
Enlightium Academy is the primary school of record and holds responsibility for course selection, report cards, and transcripts N/A
Partner school is billed directly for tuition by Enlightium Academy N/A
Family is billed directly for tuition by Enlightium Academy N/A N/A
Standardized support packages and tuition N/A
Enlightium Academy directs all correspondence to partner school contact N/A
Enlightium Academy directs all correspondence to primary parent and partner school contact N/A N/A
Additional customization may be available upon request for Co-Managed and Full Service partner packages

Existing Co-Op Schools


United States

New York
  • Polyhedral Academy, Parma Heights, Ohio
Washington State


Start a Local Private School

There is a growing trend among Christian families to provide their children with a private education. Unfortunately, affordable Christian school alternatives are lacking within their communities. Some parents choose to homeschool while others can't afford to leave their jobs to do so. If you have ever considered providing an alternative Christian school to your community, we can help you get started quickly without the high costs. By partnering with Enlightium Academy, you can provide an opportunity for the parents in your community to enroll their children in a quality, accredited, Christ-centered school from your church or academic facility. We offer an online Christian curriculum, Naviance college and career readiness platform, certified teachers, counselors, and a caring staff. Our goal is to help your organization provide an affordable and personalized Christian education to your local community.

Expand your School Offering

Expand your school’s course offerings quickly and easily with a Co-Op School through Enlightium Academy. A Co-Op School allows students to be enrolled at your Christian school while simultaneously enrolled part-time or full-time at Enlightium Academy. We offer an assortment of courses and provide distance learning teachers, academic assistance, report cards, transcripts, accredited diplomas, and a flexible enrollment to fit the individual needs of your students and school. Enlightium Academy is also perfect for K-8 private schools that are unable to afford the cost of adding a high school option for their students. We are prepared to help your school expand.

Online Credit Recovery & Summer School Courses

Enlightium Academy helps students from public and private high schools across the country get back on track and graduate from their school on-time with our online credit recovery and summer school courses. Whether your students are falling behind due to scheduling conflicts or needs to repeat select courses, our affordable and accredited high school curriculum offers them the flexibility and convenience to make up the credits they need while working online and at their own pace while still enrolled in their local school. Enlightium Academy also offers courses for students that need to accelerate their studies to free up their schedules so that they can take on early college or Advanced Placement (AP) work.

Take the Next Step with Enlightium

Enlightium Academy is a private Christian school serving homeschool, online, and co-op students on their journey to embrace their God-given talents and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge with a Christ-like spirit.

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