Advantages of Online Christian Homeschooling


The homeschooling option1 has been one of the most popular solutions for education for decades. It provides parents the opportunity to teach religious principles to their children. However, many parents have questions about how homeschooling would affect their child’s high school years, namely: 

  • Limitations to socialization
  • Access to specialized courses to advance their skills in subjects they love
  • Receiving a high school diploma from an accredited school
  • Being admitted to a college of their choice 

This is where online Christian homeschooling shines as the best answer to meet varying students' academic needs. 

This blog will cover five distinct advantages that come with an online Christian homeschooling program.

The Curriculum Content

Most parents would agree that reading, writing, math, science, and history are critical areas for their children to learn. But many schools use a curriculum filled with questionable morals or methods for teaching the material. A Christian-based curriculum focuses on covering all academic areas from the biblical worldview and encouraging a safe home environment where the parent can speak to any philosophical differences.

A Personalized Approach

All students are different. They learn at different rates, excel in different areas, and struggle with different concepts. Online learning allows students to proceed through  coursework at their own pace, taking extra time for the things they have trouble with or moving quickly through the areas they excel at. At Enlightium, we recognize the uniqueness of each student and apply a personalized approach to our education delivery system. 

Student Socialization

A common misconception about homeschooled students is that they lack social interactions. In reality, online homeschooling allows for a breadth and depth of social opportunities that brick-and-mortar students may not have access to. Examples include participating in online Bible Studies with their peers, having a pen pal from the other side of the world, book clubs with other students, and more. 

Student Accountability

One of the biggest concerns for parents when exploring homeschool is accountability. Parents don’t want ‘learning at one’s own pace’ to translate into ‘learning whenever one feels like it.’ Online education provides structure to the curriculum, sets deadlines for completion, keeps track of grades, and allows both parents and students to be confident that accountability is in place. At Enlightium, parents are notified weekly about their student’s progress and prevent them from falling behind in their school work.

School Accreditation

Using an accredited program allows your student to receive an education recognized by public and private schools, colleges, and universities. When enrolling in an online accredited school, students get the best of both worlds: a flexible education, a transcript from the accredited institution, and a recognized diploma for enrolling in college.

Choose Enlightium Academy!

Enlightium Academy is a leading private Christian school that is ready to serve your homeschool student with an award-winning curriculum, affordable tuition, and highly-reviewed experience. The curriculum is Christian, flexible, customizable, rigorous, and engaging.

Our teacher-led accredited private school performs all the activities that all 50 states require, such as assigning classes, grading, providing feedback, teaching, and providing student accountability. We would love to prepare your student for academic and spiritual success with you. We accept new students throughout the school year, so you can get started today.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Enlightium Academy provides a quality, interactive online Ignitia curriculum for grades 3-12. Employing the latest multimedia techniques, including interactive visuals, games, and other activities, Enlightium Academy fosters a rich learning environment. Enlightium offers over 100 electives across all grade levels, including world languages and career-oriented courses.

Students in grades PreK-2 can choose from two book-based curricula: AOP and BJU. The Primary Support package offers the benefits of accreditation while following a parent-led, print-based teaching model.

The Primary Support package is a parent-led program designed for students whose parents want to take the initiative of educating their own child using the print-based curriculum while remaining under the umbrella and guidance of Enlightium Academy. Enlightium Academy will provide record-keeping services, grading verification, and administrative support for parents who are homeschooling their children.

A Personalized Learning Experience for Students

During the enrollment phase, counselors evaluate diagnostic test results and previous school records. They then determine the student's education plan and curriculum in collaboration with parental input. At Enlightium, we serve a wide range of students, from students at-risk to students who need a personalized approach to learning. 

In addition, Enlightium supports high-achieving students via personalized learning. Students who score above average at their grade level in the diagnostic tests and who display above-average performance on their previous school’s progress report (B’s and above) may be considered for honor courses. Honor courses demand more effort from students since they move at a heightened pace, contain more projects, and explore subjects with more depth. 

Personalization also provides an opportunity for progressing ahead of school peers. Per their Enlightium counselor’s approval and collaboration with teachers and parents, a student may take advanced courses beyond their grade level. An accelerated path is available to students where they can complete grade levels at a faster pace. Fees apply for courses above the regular course requirements or standard course load.

Your Students Can Socialize with Students from Around the World!

Enlightium Academy is proud to offer students the unique opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and competitive events. Students in grades PreK-12 have the option to participate in an Enlightium Academy social event ranging from spelling bees to a pen pal program!  Additionally, Enlighitum students socialize with friends from their church’s youth groups, family members, and through local sports!

Accreditation Matters

When looking for a partner in high-quality education for your child, accreditation matters. When a school holds accreditation status, it means an outside agency has thoroughly vetted its academic programs for rigorousness, quality, and adherence to educational standards. Additionally, accreditation ensures that a school is stable, both fiscally and structurally.

Accreditation provides confirmation that the promises the school makes about the delivery system, courses, teachers, student support, and tuition and fees are fair and trustworthy. To maintain the accreditation status an on-site audit is conducted by the accrediting body every five years to ensure that high standards remain and ongoing development is in place.

In addition to providing credits that can easily transfer between schools, another benefit of accreditation is that it puts a stamp of approval on graduates. Graduating from an accredited school indicates that graduates are ready to study at a college level. This is important to colleges and universities when reviewing a new student's acceptance.


Enlightium Academy is a private Christian online school that serves homeschooling families by offering a Bible-based, flexible, accredited, teacher-supported, and affordable education from the comfort of your home. For any other questions about Enlightium, please call (509) 319-2288, or visit


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