Continuous Enrollment

With Enlightium’s Continuous Enrollment, your family can commit to a multi-year contract to get the biggest savings and ensure your students start each school year on time.

Waived Enrollment Fee

Skip the enrollment and re-enrollment fees! With Continuous Enrollment, you bypass enrollment fees.

Price Lock

Each school year, tuition is subject to change. Lock in the current year’s pricing schedule with a three-year commitment.

Both new and returning Enlightium families can utilize Continuous Enrollment, which provides:

  • Waived enrollment and re-enrollment fees, a $125-$250 savings per student per year.
  • The best applicable and currently available discounts.
  • A tuition price lock at the 3-year commitment according to the starting year pricing schedule.

If a student is withdrawn before the end of the contract, Enlightium’s standard withdrawal policy would follow.

With Continuous Enrollment you decide how many years to lock in and if you prefer prepayments or monthly payments. When enrollment for the upcoming school year opens, your students are automatically re-enrolled, which provides you with the best tuition payment options. Students must be enrolled full-time at Enlightium to select the Continuous Enrollment option.

Your family will receive a confirmation email with:

  • Each student’s grade level for the upcoming school year.
  • Each student’s teacher support package.
  • A scheduled date for the tuition payment(s) for the upcoming school year.

Payment terms are flexible and up to you. You can pay upfront or adjust to the monthly installment plan at any time during your Continuous Enrollment Commitment. You are not required to pay the same way that you did in prior years. Discount amounts are applicable and will be applied based on the currently offered discount. Discount percentages are not locked in with the Continuous Enrollment option.

What's the Difference?

  2-Year Commitment 3-Year Commitment
Enrollment and Re-Enrollment Fees Waived
Tuition Price Lock

Ready to Get Started?


Haven't Enrolled Yet?

Choose the "Continuous Enrollment" option on the enrollment form.

Already re-enrolled and want to change to Continuous Enrollment?

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the names of your students and which contract you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay the tuition for two or three years at once?

No. You pay the current school year’s tuition during the current school year. Then, when re-enrollment opens, you pay that school year’s tuition during that school year.

What do I do if I enroll my student under the Continuous Enrollment option and then change my mind or withdraw?

If a student changes from continuous enrollment to standard enrollment or is withdrawn before the end of the contract, a $250 termination fee and Enlightium’s standard withdrawal policy would follow.

Does Continuous Enrollment guarantee that I will receive the same discount each year?

No. Continuous Enrollment guarantees that you will receive the “best applicable and currently available discount”. If you choose to prepay your tuition, you will receive the best prepayment discount offered at that time. Discounts are subject to change yearly and monthly.

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