Enlightium Academy seeks to provide a rich and integrated digital environment for students to complete their curriculum.

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Ignitia is the platform in which students in grades 3-12 log in to complete work, and which parents of students in grades prek-2 log in to submit their student’s grades.

Enlightium offers parents both the parent and student portal to see their students’ grades and progress. The parent portal is simpler to use and offers a basic overview, while the student portal is more dynamic and offers a more thorough analysis. Parents are encouraged to log in through the parent or student portal at least once a week and should reach out to their students’ teachers or counselors if they have any questions.

Parent Portal

Between work, errands, and other activities, it can be difficult for parents to find time to make sure their students are working and completing assignments on a daily basis. Enlightium Academy offers the online parent portal to increase transparency and accountability between parents/guardians and students.

The parent portal is linked to each of your students’ accounts and will give you access to view their:

  • Current courses
  • Percentage completed for each class and unit
  • Current grade for each course
  • Final grade for each lesson, quiz and test
  • Completion and due dates for all assignments

The parent portal can be created upon request and can be set up at any time during the school year. The parent portal is available at no additional cost. After enrolling, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a portal.

Student Portal

Parents can use the student portal to review their student’s progress, grades, communication with teachers, overdue assignments, and more.

Keep in mind:

  • Only one person may be logged in at a time. If you log into the student portal while the student is working, they will be exited from Ignitia.
  • Students are encouraged to change their passwords periodically for security purposes, so make sure you are in communication about their current credentials. To reset your student’s Ignitia password, you can submit the Ignitia Password Reset Form.

IXL Assessment

Enlightium is dedicated to providing a learning experience that is unique to your student. The first step in doing so is completing the entrance assessment. Enlightium uses the Real-Time Diagnostic provided by IXL which will help us identify your student’s areas of strength, areas for improvement, and their relative grade level in multiple strands in mathematics and English language arts.

Parents of newly enrolled students will receive an email with directions on how to complete the assessment, and what is expected of the student.

Enlightium Parents App

The Enlightium Parents App is a mobile application primarily for use by the parents, guardians, and financial contacts of students currently enrolled at Enlightium Academy. A browser version is available as well.

Enlightium parents and guardians are provided a link to download the app after enrolling.

This app has many of the benefits of Facebook, but with:

  • Custom communication from the Enlightium team (posts are filtered based on your student’s grade level, your state of residence, etc.)
  • A group for your state (and a group for international families) to share resources and make connections
  • Direct messaging with employees
  • Direct messaging with other parents
  • Push notifications to join events
  • The ability to search for articles and hashtags (such as #GraduationCeremony)
  • Quick links to common knowledge base pages

Naviance is a comprehensive education, career, and life readiness solution that helps align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life. Naviance helps connect academic achievement to students’ long-term goals—whether they’re applying to college, entering the workforce, or joining the military.

Naviance Helps High School Students:

  • Understand their unique strengths
  • Connect their interests to careers
  • Set goals
  • Develop self-knowledge and personal motivation
  • Understand college possibilities
  • Explore high school specific college admissions stats
  • Match to best-fit colleges
  • Identify ideal college majors
  • Connect interests to career fields
  • Identify best-fit careers
  • Learn from leaders
  • Plan for life after high school
  • Create a 4-year course plan
  • Stay on track to graduate
  • Meet academic college entrance requirements
  • Take ownership over their education

Naviance Helps Middle School Students:

  • Discover their strengths
  • Connect their interests to careers
  • Set goals
  • Gain confidence in their plans
  • Explore different careers
  • Connect interests to career clusters
  • Hear from leaders in their field
  • Begin to imagine their own future

Bronze students in grades 9-10* that are interested in having a Naviance Student account must reach out to their counselor to request an account; an add-on fee may apply. The add-on cost will provide access to:

  • Career Assessments, Career Exploration
  • Self Assessments, Self-Discovery, and Strengths Explorer®
  • Test Preparation

*Naviance is not available to Bronze students in grades 6-8.

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