Enlightium Academy

Enlightium Academy is a premier, accredited, private Christian online school for grades 3–12, with a parent-guided, print-based curriculum available for students in PreK to 2nd grade.

Founded in 2003 by Elena V. Solodyankin and a dedicated team of educators, Enlightium Academy (Enlightium) has been recognized as an innovator in home education and online learning by AdvancED and Association of Christian School International (ACSI). Families across the U.S. and around the world have partnered with Enlightium Academy in preparing their students for a meaningful future.

Enlightium Academy is accredited by both AdvancED and ACSI and thus enjoys all rights and responsibilities of being regionally and internationally recognized. Enlightium has been approved for Association of Christian School International (ACSI) accreditation, is a member of National Merit & National Honor Society (NHS), and is approved by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), College Board for Advanced Placement (AP), and the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships.

At Enlightium, teachers and counselors partner with parents so students can become passionate independent learners. Enlightium offers college preparatory courses, including: Concurrent Credits, Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, and STEM courses. Guided by experienced counselors, students can select the support package that best fits their academic, college, and career desires. Student academic plans are tailored to meet the requirements of whatever college or university the student desires.

Mission & Vision

The heart of our mission at Enlightium Academy is to bring glory to God in all we do, serve Jesus Christ wholeheartedly, and share the gospel with EA students through our Bible-based curriculum and Christian teachers. This mission is the basis for our educational philosophy, as articulated in our motto, "driven to make a difference in hearts and minds", and in the Bible verse:

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven,” Matthew 5:16

We accomplish this through promoting Christ-like character, providing our students with a high standard of education, being a loving and supportive community for our students and families, and encouraging students to pursue their individual God-given passions and interests.

Enlightium’s vision is to be a global leader in online Christian education, setting the standard for quality of education and student outcomes. Based on the selected support level package, Enlightium students have an immersive online classroom experience where they can interact with teachers in a variety of ways by utilizing cutting-edge technologies in learning.

Philosophy of Education

Enlightium Academy’s philosophy of education is to meet each child in his/her educational journey. Enlightium educators instill a desire for learning by equipping students to become independent learners and tailoring to their learning styles. The Enlightium team accomplishes this by leveraging technology to deliver a personalized approach to education. We start this journey by developing the relationship with Enlightium students by incorporating a Biblical worldview into all aspects of education.

Spiritual & Academic Goals
  1. Provide Biblical training that will teach the Statement of Faith of evangelical Christian beliefs and principles.
  2. Provide a strong academic program that satisfies accreditation academic requirements and prepares young people to live successfully in this world. This will be based on evangelical, biblical, and educational philosophy. Students will be given a strong background in the basics of reading, language, mathematics, science, and history.
  3. Provide godly Christian teachers who will be role models for the students that they teach. Challenge students to develop Christ-likeness in the following areas as an outgrowth of the development of the Christian mindset (consistent life view with Christ preeminent).
    1. Spiritually - Teach the basis of successful Christian living based on faith in Jesus Christ, knowledge of God's Word, development of godly character traits, and maturing in the Christian walk (II Thessalonians 3:3).
    2. Mentally - Develop a Christian way of thinking that places Christ preeminent in all of life, stressing that all of life is spiritual (Philippians 2:5).
    3. Physically - Learn to care for and develop our body so that we may serve God to the fullest, because our body is the vehicle given to us by God in which we live our lives to bring glory to God (II Corinthians 6:16).
    4. Socially - Learn to develop biblical human relationships in which we serve people, not use them (Matthew 20:25–28).
    5. Emotionally - Develop a stable personality which is based on one's self-worth in God's sight and which emphasizes self-control and the other fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:21–22).

Enlightium students are educated through a world-class digital Christian curriculum that empowers them to take charge of their learning while receiving the necessary level of support from counselors and teachers to succeed. Enlightium educators accomplish this by partnering with parents, who provide the necessary support at home, while Enlightium delivers the education and tools for mastery learning. The Enlightium team guides parents to solutions for the challenges that an online student may face. For a desired academic outcome, two-way communication is essential between the family and school.

Our Promise

Enlightium educators promise to care for each family and cultivate the growth of our students academically and spiritually from the Biblical perspective. We promise to do our best to deliver an excellent service within the program chosen and to take action to remedy or compensate when set expectations are not met by the Enlightium team. We promise to listen, to partner with parents, to benefit the student, and to respond efficiently to feedback received from parents. We promise to treat each family with dignity, respect, grace, and fairness.

Why Choose
Enlightium Academy?

Enlightium Academy leverages technology-powered solutions to deliver an exceptional education experience to students worldwide. Parents and students are empowered through caring faculty, staff, and award-winning online curriculum. The Enlightium community fosters opportunities for student academic and spiritual growth, achievement, and recognition that will benefit the student’s educational journey.

The Enlightium Academy team helps students succeed academically by cultivating each student’s self-awareness, self-evaluation, self-regulation, independent learning and experience, memory skills and knowledge-forming processes, active participation in verbal and written communication, social skills, enthusiasm for learning, and engagement in the learning process. This is achieved through various programs implemented in Enlightium online education: Ignitia, Naviance, Enlightium Social, Bible studies, and much more.

Enlightium Academy provides fully accredited transcripts and diplomas that are accepted nationally and recognized worldwide.
Anytime Enrollment
Students can enroll at any time during the year and counselors will work to align the coursework to match up to previously completed work from the other school.
Caring Teachers
Find compassionate, caring teachers who work one-on-one with your student to create a nurturing learning environment.
Christian Worldview
Teach your student the values of Christian living with Bible-based curriculum and teachers who promote Godly character.
Complete Lesson Plans
Experience truly personalized learning. Here, your student will receive an individualized learning plan and the support of a dedicated student support team.
Our online Academy is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
Enjoy distance learning centered around your student. Here you choose what courses to take, your own hours to work, and where you work.
Grading Services
Relax and let us do the paperwork for you! Find out more about our grading services, our grading scale, and how to request copies of grade reports.
High School Diploma
Enlightium offers fully accredited honors and standard diplomas based on the student’s academic qualifications and achievements.
Learn Anywhere
Learn online from anywhere in the world no matter if you're in Portland or Portugal, and access lessons any time of the day or night.
Official Transcripts
Official transcripts are provided upon request, while unofficial transcripts are provided annually.
Parent Support
Enlightium partners with parents and equips them to monitor their student’s progress and to assist in the student's education in accountability, support, and encouragement.
Part-Time Enrollment
Want to four or less courses? Find out more about part-time options, browse a wide variety of courses and electives, and enjoy stellar teacher support.
Our staff maintains a robust recordkeeping system and can provide a wide range of detailed reports to parents per request for personal and state requirement purposes.
Self-Paced Lessons
Self-paced learning allows for individual learning styles and ensures your student masters important concepts. Move through lessons as quickly or slowly as desired within the weekly pace. Extensions are also available to provide a schedule that fits the student’s academic goals and capabilities.
Student Support
Teachers provide students however much support they need to succeed. Various support level packages are available based on students’ needs and aspirations.
Summer School
Full-time students may have their courses extended into the summer term, or utilize the summer term to begin the next school year early. A student may also enroll for just the summer term and generally can take up to 1 credit.
Superior Academics
Get quality instruction with our rigorous academics, full accreditation status, and qualified teachers.
Qualified Teachers
Licensed teachers who understand the needs of online learning are behind you every step of the way. Instructors are just a click away.