Enlightium Academy

Enlightium Academy is a premier, accredited, private Christian online school for grades 3–12 with a parent-led textbook curriculum for grades PreK–2.

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Yelena V. Solodyankin and a dedicated team of Christian educators, Enlightium Academy (Enlightium) has been recognized and accredited as an innovator in home education and online learning by Cognia (formerly AdvancED/NWAC), Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE).

For almost two decades, families across the United States and around the world have partnered with Enlightium in educating their children from a Christian perspective. Through our membership with National Merit & National Honor Society (NHS), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and College Board for Advanced Placement (AP) we provide opportunities for our college preparatory students.

Guided by experienced counselors, Enlightium students can select courses that best fit their academic, college, and career pathways from Concurrent Credit, Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, and STEM, including courses through Gifted & Higher-Level Learner (GHLL), English Language Learner (ELL), and Intervention programs.

Our Philosophy

At Enlightium, we teach from the Biblical worldview and provide an academic program that satisfies accreditation requirements and prepares young people to live successfully in this world. Our students are given a strong background in reading, language, mathematics, science, and history. We provide godly Christian teachers who serve as role models for students on developing a Christian mindset (consistent life view with Christ preeminent) as a critical component within our Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs). These ESOs drive student teacher interaction, the overall educational model and what an ideal Enlightium graduate should exhibit: spiritually, academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Upon graduation, students will be equipped with a biblical worldview that impacts mind, heart, and body in ongoing Christian maturity and ministry in the world. Students will understand the importance and practice of prayer, the study of Scripture, intellectual growth, physical health, and participation in a local church and/or ministry. Students will comprehend, apply, and seek to maximize their unique gifting and vocational endeavors for life-long Gospel contribution to society and culture (1 Thessalonians 5:23–24)


Upon graduation, students will develop an academic proficiency from a biblical worldview that enables and empowers students to flourish academically in accordance with the knowledge and wisdom of Christ. Students will obtain a mastery of core subjects, critical-thinking skills, a learner’s disposition, an appreciation for the arts and classical literature, written communication skills, technological skills and safe practices, and the practical tools for assessing and evaluating each student’s future college and/or career path (Colossians 1:9–10).


Upon graduation, students will acquire the knowledge and practical skills necessary for honoring one’s body as the image of God. Students will grasp the value and discipline of exercise, nutrition, hygiene, and healthy sleep/rest patterns (1 Corinthians 6:19–20).


Upon graduation, students will be equipped and empowered to demonstrate the attitude and servant heart of Jesus Christ toward fellow humanity. Students will embody a biblical worldview and Christian values that correlate with loving motivations and acts. Accordingly, students will appropriately interrelate, serve, and respect all people from all backgrounds, whether in direct or indirect communicative contexts (John 13:12–17).


Upon graduation, students will acquire a well-rounded understanding and practice of emotional care that issues from a biblical worldview rooted in God’s benevolence and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment. Students will cultivate emotional health by assessing, evaluating, and responding faithfully and fruitfully to their emotions for a holistic and healthy life in Christ (Psalm 139:23–24).

Our Methods

Enlightium students are educated through a world-class digital Christian curriculum that empowers them to take charge of their learning while receiving the necessary level of support from counselors, teachers, and staff. We accomplish this by partnering with parents, who provide the necessary support and supervision at home, while the Enlightium team delivers the education and tools for mastery learning. We guide parents to solutions for the challenges that an online student may face.

Our Promise

Enlightium educators promise to care for each family and cultivate the growth of our students academically and spiritually from the biblical perspective. We do our best to deliver excellent service within the tuition package chosen by parents and to take action to remedy or compensate when set expectations are not met by the Enlightium team. We listen and respond efficiently to feedback received from parents to benefit the student. We treat each family with dignity, respect, grace, and fairness.

Our Mission Statement

Enlightium’s mission is to support every unique student on their journey to embrace their God-given talents, develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge, display a Christ-like spirit, and care for their community with kindness, respect, and love. 

We accomplish this through promoting Christ-like character, providing our students with a high standard of education, being a loving and supportive community for our students and their families, and equipping students with the skills to pursue their individual, God-given passions and interests. Our educators are dedicated to the school’s motto: “Driven to make a difference in hearts and minds.”

Why Choose
Enlightium Academy?

Enlightium leverages technology-powered solutions to deliver an exceptional educational experience to students worldwide. Our students are empowered through caring faculty, staff, and award-winning online curriculum. The Enlightium community fosters opportunities for student academic and spiritual growth, achievement, and recognition that benefits the student’s educational journey.

The Enlightium team helps students succeed by cultivating each student’s self-awareness, self-evaluation, self-regulation, independent learning and experience, memory skills and knowledge-forming processes, active participation in verbal and written communication, social skills, enthusiasm for learning, and engagement in the learning process. This is achieved through various programs implemented in Enlightium online education: Ignitia, Naviance, Enlightium Social, Bible studies, and much more.

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Enlightium Academy provides fully accredited transcripts and diplomas that are accepted nationally and recognized worldwide.
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Christian Worldview
Teach your student the values of Christian living with Bible-based curriculum and teachers who promote Godly character.
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Personalized Learning
Enjoy distance learning centered around your student. You decide the number of courses your student takes, when and where they complete their coursework, and how quickly or slowly they complete their weekly work.
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Qualified Teachers
Licensed teachers who understand the needs of online learning are behind you every step of the way. Instructors are just a click away.
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Caring Counselors
Find compassionate, caring counselors who work one-on-one with your student to create a nurturing learning environment.
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Parent & Student Support
Enlightium partners with parents and students to monitor progress and to assist in accountability, support, and encouragement.
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Our staff maintains a robust recordkeeping system and can provide a wide range of detailed reports to parents per request for personal and state requirement purposes.
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Grading Services
Relax and let us do the paperwork for you! Our teachers take care of all of the grading so that you can focus on nurturing your child.
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Superior Academics
Get quality instruction with our rigorous academics, full accreditation status, and qualified teachers.

Enlightium Academy is a private Christian school serving homeschool, online, and co-op students on their journey to embrace their God-given talents and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge with a Christ-like spirit.

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