NCAA Approved Courses

Enlightium Academy values a quality education but we know that a traditional brick and mortar classroom environment may not be the best fit for competitive athletes.

Students enrolled at Enlightium Academy are empowered to pursue their dreams and academic goals. EA offers NCAA-approved courses, giving each student the opportunity to engage with a high standard while providing the support needed to succeed. Whether the student needs to be academically challenged, desires a more flexible schedule, or desires to work from the comfort of the home, EA is a great choice! In partnership with parents, EA applies Biblical principles and works diligently with each student to raise him/her up to the next academic level.

The EA team is preparing the next generation of students who will be equipped for life: spiritually, academically, and socially. Leveraging technology to bring education to students, Enlightium Academy meets them wherever they are in their educational journey. Students can work independently or receive one-on-one support as quickly as the selected support level provides. EA teachers develop relationships with students, nurturing their academic and spiritual growth. Teachers communicate with students via direct messaging, over the phone, or screen-share and face-to-face video sessions regarding assignment questions, based on their selected package.

For more information regarding action items for each grade level, visit

College Bound Athletes

Students who plan to compete at the collegiate level need NCAA-approved courses. Parents should indicate the NCAA preference on the enrollment form and work with counselors to ensure NCAA-approved courses are assigned. After students create an NCAA student account, they will need to make sure to add EA to their account so that EA can upload the transcripts.

Enlightium approved courses can be viewed at and use the school code: 481292.

NCAA Eligibility

More information about core courses that NCAA student are required to take can be found here. The student’s counselor will help determine the student’s schedule.

SAT and ACT Test Scores

Students will need to take the SAT or ACT. The NCAA Eligibility Center AND Enlightium Academy should be listed as a score recipient.

  • NCAA code: 9999
  • EA school code: 481292

For more information regarding action items for each grade level, visit

Student Athlete Testimonial

Learn how two students successfully transitioned from a brick and mortar private school to the online homeschool program with Enlightium Academy.

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