NCAA Approved Courses

Enlightium Academy values a personalized approach to education and supports students in achieving their athletic passion.

Enlightium provides student-athletes with accredited and approved NCAA courses while offering a flexible schedule through remote learning. Enlightium teachers meet students wherever they are in their educational journey and nurture their academic and spiritual growth. Teachers communicate with students via direct messaging, over the phone, using screen-share, and even through face-to-face video sessions regarding assignment questions, based on their selected package.

NCAA Eligibility

Information about courses that NCAA students are required to take can be found at

Grade Availability

NCAA-approved courses are available to students at Enlightium in grades 9–12. Students in grade 8 can take NCAA-approved courses per counselor approval. NCAA courses are not available to students in the Bronze Package.

How to Select a NCAA Program

When registering a student, parents should indicate the NCAA preference on the enrollment form and work with their Enlightium counselor on NCAA approved course assignments. Next, when creating a student account on the NCAA portal, please add Enlightium Academy to the account so that Enlightium’s NCAA Coordinator can upload final transcripts on the student’s NCAA account.

Enlightium approved courses can be viewed at by using the school code: 481292.

SAT and ACT Test Scores

Students will need to take the SAT or ACT. The NCAA Eligibility Center and Enlightium Academy should be listed as score recipients.

  • NCAA code: 9999
  • Enlightium Academy code: 481292

For more information regarding action items for each grade level, visit

Student Athlete Testimonial

Learn how two student-athletes successfully transitioned from a brick-and-mortar private school to the online homeschool program Enlightium Academy.

Enlightium Academy is a private Christian school serving homeschool, online, and Alliance school students on their journey to embrace their God-given talents and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge from the biblical worldview.

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