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Why Choose Enlightium Academy?

Enlightium Academy leverages technology powered solutions to deliver a world class educational experience to students worldwide. Parents and students are empowered through caring faculty, staff and award winning online curriculum. The EA community fosters opportunities for student academic and spiritual growth, achievement, and recognition that will benefit the student’s educational journey. Student academic plans are tailored to meet each student’s individual needs and goals.

The Enlightium Academy team helps students succeed academically by cultivating each student’s self-awareness, self-evaluation, self-regulation, independent learning and experience, memory skills and knowledge-forming processes, active participation in verbal and written communication, social skills, enthusiasm for learning, and engagement in the learning process.

Our Promise

The EA team promises to care for each family and cultivate the growth of our students academically and spiritually from the Biblical perspective. We promise to do our best to deliver an excellent service, and to take action to remedy or compensate when set expectations are not met by the EA team. The EA team promises to listen and to partner with parents in education to benefit the student and to respond to feedback received from parents. The EA team promises to treat each family with dignity, respect, grace and fairness.

Select from the grade levels or program type below to get started.

Ignitia Curriculum

Employing the latest multi-media techniques including graphics, games, and other activities, Enlightium Academy uses a curriculum that fosters a rich learning environment. The Ignitia™ curriculum, which was created by Alpha Omega Publications (AOP), is based on a learner-centered model drawing from current educational research.

Add-On Resources and Programs

Add-ons are not available for Part-Time students. Discounts do not apply to Add-Ons unless specifically noted.

Advanced Placement Courses

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is available to dedicated student in grades 11–12. It provides a great opportunity to stand out when applying to competitive universities.

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Counselor Time

Parents or guardians, with students not yet enrolled at EA, can work with a counselor to determine which courses their student should take.

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Documented Academic
or Health Challenges

We provide resources for students who need curriculum interventions/alternatives to support academic/cognitive challenges, learning disabilities, or diagnosed hearing impairment.

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Concurrent Credit (CC) Program

The Concurrent Credit (CC) Program gives students the opportunity to earn college credits through our partner school, Northwest Nazarene University (NNU). Available for grades 11–12.

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Dual Enrollment Program

The Dual Enrollment Program allows students to earn college credits at the college of their choosing, all while attending Enlightium Academy. Available for grades 11–12.

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English Language
Learner Program

The English Language Learner (ELL) Program supports students, whose first language is not English, through modified courses, targeted English language practice and lessons, and instruction by an ELL certified instructor.

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Gifted & Higher-Level
Learner Program

The Gifted and Higher-Level Learner Program was developed for exceptional students in grades 3-8 who have documented advanced abilities, high-performing talent, superior aptitude, and/or high-achieving capabilities beyond his/her age or grade level.

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High School Diplomas

High school seniors, graduating from Enlightium Academy, will receive a diploma. Learn more about graduation requirements and additional fees.

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Mission Program

The Mission Program is uniquely purposed for students desiring to develop their affections, skills, and practical experience for a life in the ministry.

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Offline Electives

Being enrolled at an online school doesn’t mean you have to do all of your coursework on the computer. EA offers students the ability to get credit for certain activities done offline, such as: soccer, home economics, art, or piano lessons.

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Stanford 10 Standardized Testing

The Stanford 10 is a set of standardized achievement tests used for assessing a student's proficiency in English, math, history, and science. EA encourages all students to take this test to attain an updated benchmark of overall academic performance and development.

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Summer School Extension
& Early Start

Whether it's starting early to lighten the load during the regular semester or it's extending the school year to complete schoolwork without falling behind, Enlightium Academy provides a flexible schedule to fit each student's unique needs.

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Tutoring Sessions

Need some help solving a complex math problems? Having trouble writing an challenging English assignment? EA offers tutoring sessions where students will have the ability to work with teachers in a live screen-share session.

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World Language Courses

EA offers elective language courses in French, Spanish, German, Latin, and Chinese (Mandarin). These courses emphasize comprehensive language skills while providing insight into a new culture.

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Verification of Enrollment

A Verification of Enrollment (VOE), also referred to as a Certificate of Enrollment or Proof of School Enrollment, is an official document provided by the school that states that the student is enrolled in that school. It can be used by parents to confirm to their state or school district that the student is receiving an education in a public school, private school, or homeschool setting. Families commonly request VOEs for students wanting to get a driving permit, driver’s licence, or SSI verification. In any of these cases, families need to reach out to their student’s counselor.

How can an EA Student receive a VOE?

Parents of students in grades 3–12 requesting a VOE need to contact their student’s counselor via email. The counselor would evaluate the student’s work status. Students should be in good standing, working actively for at least 6–8 weeks, and spend a minimum of 15–20 hours per week, actively working on their assignments.

Parents of students in PreK–2nd grade requesting VOE need to contact their student’s counselor via email. The student’s status will be verified. Parents should be in a good standing with reporting their student’s work to the counselor as required per grade level and within the allowed time-frame. The student should be actively working at least for 4 weeks.

Total Cost of Tuition

Your final tuition will be determined after our enrollment team (admissions, counseling, and accounting) reviews your selected options, total amount of subjects, applicable discounts, and the student's report card (grades 3-8) or transcript (grades 9-12). If you paid the tuition in full prior to enrollment, we will provide a rebate, if needed, on any qualified discounts or course modifications.

Tuition is calculated based on how many courses (grades 3-8) or credits (grades 9-12) are assigned. Transferring students can expect different monthly tuition pricing depending on the month of enrollment as well as how much curriculum has been completed at their previous school. An email will be sent within a week of enrollment outlining the tuition plan, allowing time to update credit card information or inquire about the tuition breakdown. If the final amount of credits is different than what was chosen, the tuition will be updated once the amount of credits is confirmed with the student's counselor; an email will be sent to you outlining the updated tuition. The enrollment fee is refundable for any reason, provided that the withdrawal form is submitted within 72 hours. For a precise quote or if you have any questions, please contact us at (866) 488-4818 // option 1.

Withdrawal Policy

A withdrawal fee will be applied on remaining prorated tuition if the student is withdrawn after 14 days from when the coursework was assigned. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click the link below to learn more about our withdrawal policy.

Referral Program

If you have a student enrolled at Enlightium Academy (EA) and have any friends, neighbors, or family members who may benefit from enrolling their children at EA, consider participating in our Referral Program. The Referral Program allows both your family and the referred family to benefit from your referral. Both families will be eligible to receive $50 off their tuition or receive a digital $50 Amazon gift card!

To take advantage of EA’s Referral Program, simply have the new family enroll. When the referred family is completing the enrollment form, there will be a section that asks “How did you hear about us?” The enrolling family would simply select “Referral” and answer any additional questions.

If the referred family have any questions about Enlightium Academy, they may call (866) 488-4818 // option 1 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To qualify, both students:
  • Must be enrolled past the 14 day trial period from when courses were assigned
  • Cannot be a part of the same household (e.g., brother and sister)

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about Enlightium Academy's Referral Program.

Discount and Money Back Badge

Discounts and Promotions Available for Full-Time Students

  • COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Worker: 10% off tuition
  • Prepayment Discount: 20% off tuition
  • 9 Monthly Payments: October 2021 to June 2022
  • Family Discounts: 10% off tuition for two students & 20% off for three or more students
  • Active Military/Veteran Discount: 10% off tuition
  • Pastoral Discount: 20% off tuition
  • Active Missionary Discount: 10% off tuition
  • First Responder Discount (Firefighters, Police Officers, and Paramedics): 10% off tuition

Additional Notes:

  • Discounts cannot be combined.
  • Discounts are only offered to students enrolling full-time for the full year (or the remainder of the year). Discounts do not apply to part-time students.

Enlightium Academy is a private Christian school serving homeschool, online, and co-op students on their journey to embrace their God-given talents and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge with a Christ-like spirit.

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