Trusting in God's Word as Enough for All Things


My favorite Bible verse that I have dwelled on throughout my life is “… with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

In life, as humans, we face unpredictable circumstances: earthquakes, hurricanes, accidents, illness, even death, or circumstances created by humans such as unstable political situations or war. In any life circumstances, God says that with him and through him, “all things are possible.”

I learned in life that those who trust the Lord in “all things” overcome difficulties more peacefully, knowing that God is with us in regard to any life circumstances. No one can change what is happening outside of his/her control, yet he/she can control the reaction to these circumstances. Trusting the Lord brings the promise that as Christians we can have peace since God is in control.


In my life, I learn to trust God when I lost my father at eight years of age. My family lived in Kyrgyzstan back then. I vividly remember that autumn day, October 17, 1972. I was walking home after school in the late afternoon. I had sadness in my heart as I watched leaves fall down and cover unpaved streets. A few houses from my home, the neighbor’s daughter ran to me and said that something bad happened to my dad. I rushed home and learned from mom that my dad died during surgery, while on the operating table. Dad suffered from gangrene on his leg after a drunk driver hit his car one month earlier.


We had our own house without dad being the breadwinner; it was hard raising nine of us in the former Soviet Union. The oldest was 17 and the youngest two years of age. I was the seventh child in the family. The preparation for the funeral and funeral itself was very hard for us all. A lot of crying took place. The government suggested to give the kids to the state, yet my mom decided to raise all of us by herself with the little widow pension she received.


In those days, I found myself questioning God, asking why he did not protect my dad from that drunk driver. I remember often being alone in the room and talking to God or just sitting and thinking. I could not find answers to so many why’s I had in my mind. The following summer, as school ended, I remember climbing up on the roof of our shed in the backyard and watching clouds forming different shapes. I remember talking to God and making an agreement with him.

I said, “Since you took my daddy away from me, then you be my daddy, you be my Heavenly Father. Please guide me, teach me, I need you in my life.” I continued forming my life ahead of me and where I might need the fatherly guidance. From that moment, I found peace in my heart and mind. I trusted my life fully to the Lord. God was faithful, I had godly father figures in my life since then: my church pastor, the youth pastor, and in marriage, I find peace having a caring husband.

In my life, many other unforeseen circumstances arose, yet that childhood experience helped me to go through all of them knowing that God is in control even though I might not understand why it was happening or why life took this or that course. I learned that “… for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28 (NIV).

In difficult life circumstances, one can be crushed, and another gets stronger. In God, as Christians, we find comfort. In him we find peace. He is with us in both good and bad days. I pray God blesses and comforts all those in need, especially who have experience losing a loved one.

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