A/V Technology and Film Careers

Offered to Grades 9-12
0.5 Credit (Semester or Summer Term)

Digital Arts

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Help students develop a greater appreciation for the highly competitive skills needed to be successful in A/V technology and film careers with this semester-long Career and Technical Education (CTE) elective for grades 9-12. Throughout the semester, students gain an understanding of how many industries are driven by A/V technology and film skills, including telecommunications, journalism, film making, performing arts, and visual arts. In addition, the course provides an overview of the ways in which arts and technology education can be applied to a variety of related communications and media careers.

Like all CTE courses found within Ignitia, A/V Technology and Film Careers teaches employable skills that have real-world relevance. The rigorous, hands-on course content preps students at your Christian school for career and college readiness.

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