Accountability Programs for Online Private School Students


You may find yourself in a situation where your student needs accountability when using their computer for school work. The Internet is a useful tool for learning, but it can also be a distraction when your student needs to focus on their assignments. With this in mind, there are a number of resources that you can use to provide the structure and accountability system that your student may need. 

Option #1: Screen Time

Cost: Included with Apple products

Screen Time is an app available for most Apple products and has several  features. First, Screen Time monitors the amount of time that your device is in use and provides diagnostics based on that data. You can see how long your student is on a device, and how much time they spent on each app.

Beyond this, Screen Time lets you set limits on what apps your student can use as well as how long they can spend on the device or certain apps. It can also block specific websites or all adult content. Screen Time comes automatically packaged on most Apple products.


  • Logs app usage and data on device
  • Allows you to limit when your student can use the device and which apps they can use
  • Allows you to block websites and the content you don't want your child to have access to
  • Can be used on both computers and mobile devices
  • Automatically comes with most Apple products
  • No download or installation required


  • Only available on Apple products
  • Relatively limited features

Click here to learn more about Screen Time. Please note that Enlightium Academy has no affiliation with Screen Time; we recomend to conduct additional research before selecting an accountability tool.

Option #2: Hubstaff

Cost: Free and paid options

Hubstaff is an activity monitoring software that is often used in the workplace. However, its tracking abilities are also useful for homeschooling. Hubstaff logs the websites and software your student uses and knows when they are active or idle by noting when they are typing and using their mouse.

Hubstaff can also be set to take intermittent screenshots if you want to see what your student’s screen often looks like while they are working. Hubstaff has free options, but their free features are limited; a paid plan with more features is also available. Hubstaff’s data must be interpreted well: more activity does not necessarily mean that they are growing as a student.


  • Screenshots can help monitor activity
  • Activity and idle tracking
  • Tracks website and software usage
  • Free for one user


  • Requires download and installation
  • Paid plan required for more than one user
  • Reports may not show as much insight as you need

If you are interested in Hubstaff, check out their website here. There are a number of different options for different types of customers, but the one that may be most useful for online student accountability is Hubstaff Time, which you can find here.

Note: We do not encourage monitoring your student’s internet usage without their knowledge. This can be a break of trust, and a conversation with your student before installing monitoring software can help them understand that you are trying to help them. In addition, software that tracks keyboard and mouse activity does not necessarily track productivity; for example, your student might be working on something that requires them to read instead of typing answers. Your student will have a higher productivity score on days when they are writing papers, but this does not mean that they are more productive on writing days than other days. All data must be interpreted wisely.

Option #3: Ignitia Parent Portal

Cost: Included for families enrolled at Enlightium Academy

Enlightium Academy offers an accountability option limited to just your student’s Ignitia activity. The Ignitia parent portal account allows you to view: 

  • Your student’s current courses
  • The percentage they’ve completed in each class and unit
  • The current grade for each course
  • Their final grade for each lesson, quiz, and test
  • The completion and due dates for all their assignments. 

As only students in grades 3-12 work within Ignitia, Parent Portals apply only to the families of students in these grade levels.

If you are interested in acquiring a parent portal account, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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