Seven Habits of Successful Students


Sometimes your academics may feel overwhelming. What classes should you take? What do you do if you’re strugglingstrugging in a course? How do you make friends in a virtual school?

Remember that you’re not alone! Enlightium Academy was founded in 2003 and has helped thousands of students around the world. Learn from those who came before you with these seven basic habits of a successful student.

Ask for Help. 

Online learning requires a level of effort and commitment you may not be used to. You have a support system that includes your parents, your teachers, and your school counselor. Take advantage of these supporters — ask for help right away when you need it, and accept it when it's offered.

Set up an Effective Learning Environment.

A quiet and organized place to do your schoolwork, free from distractions and equipped with good lighting and a comfortable chair, will make it easier for you to concentrate and complete your work successfully. When you're working on your lessons, train yourself to resist social media — save that for break time!

Get and Stay Organized.

When you set up your learning space, make sure you have plenty of room to work. Even though you're attending a virtual school, you'll still need real pencils, paper, and notebooks. Take notes and fill out student guides while you’re working through lessons — it's a great way to help commit the material to memory. Check out Enlightium’s suggested daily schedule for guidance!

Manage Your Time.

Be sure to set aside a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes each school day for each lesson assigned in the schedule. Work in every course every school day. With online learning, students can easily fall behind in their coursework if they do not keep a steady pace, at least keeping up with the weekly scheduled allotment.

Take a Break!

It doesn't do anyone any good to work for hours and hours on end—that's a good way to get burned out fast. Listen to your body and your mind — when you find yourself getting stiff or your mind wandering, it's probably time for a break. Get up and stretch. Go outside for a jog. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to relax for a bit!

Have a Plan B.

Let's face it — when you're working online, something is bound to go wrong. Maybe you'll lose your internet connection or your computer will pick up a virus, or you'll accidentally spill orange juice on your keyboard. Prepare for contingencies now — ask friends or relatives if you can use their computer in case of an emergency, find a library with computers, or if you have access to a laptop, find a bookstore or coffee shop in your area that has internet access. No need to worry! Enlightium has recommendations for if your student loses internet access.

Connect to Enlightium's Social Events.

Don't get isolated — there are plenty of ways for you to connect with Enlightium and your local church youth ministries. Enlightium provides many and various avenues to help foster students’ social life – from Bible studies to Enlightium’s Pen Pal Program. In addition, Enlightium encourages students to seek out a local youth ministry where they might connect with other students in the service and mission of Christ.


Enlightium Academy is a private Christian online school that serves homeschooling families by offering a Bible-based, flexible, accredited, teacher-supported, and affordable education from the comfort of your home. For any other questions about Enlightium, please call (509) 319-2288, or visit


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