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Prepare for a College Education in the U.S.

If your student is living outside of the United States and would like to learn about American culture, practice the English language, and get ready for college in the United States (i.e., including assistance in applying for colleges and universities), Enlightium Academy is the school for you!

Enlightium’s International Students Program assists students in grades Pre-K–12 from around the world, including American citizens living internationally, non-U.S. citizens looking for a high-quality education working towards an accredited diploma, missionary kids, and military families. The flexibility of Enlightium’s program provides curriculum access 24/7 which makes it ideal for any student.

Families living outside of the United States’ time zones are recommended to select the Silver package, which provides students with teacher support within 24 hours during school hours. However, premium support packages such as Gold and Diamond are a great choice for students living in Canada or Central or South America, as well as students who access courses at the same time that teacher support is available (generally 7 am - 4 pm Pacific Time).

Visa and Certification Status

Enlightium Academy is not an I-20 approved school, however, one of Enlightium’s Co-Op schools, Summit Christian Academy in Spokane Washington, is an approved I-20 school for F-1 students in grades 6-12. Enlightium is partnering with Summit Christian Academy for advanced learning opportunities therefore students can benefit from in-person learning and online courses per their unique interest and preparation for college entrance in the U.S.

Enlightium Academy is accredited by Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Enlightium is also affiliated with the College Board for Advanced Placement (AP) courses and SAT college entrance testings. Enlightium has a long track record in preparing international students for a better chance to obtain an F-1 or M-1 visa to study at a college level in the U.S.


Students residing in a home
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U.S. citizens serving
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U.S. citizens globally defending
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English Language Learner (ELL) Program

Students in grades 8–12 who do not speak English as their primary language can receive support in learning English through modified courses, targeted English language practice and lessons, and instruction by an ELL-certified instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

International Student Schooling

What if the school year in my country doesn’t align with Enlightium’s school year?

Enlightium Academy allows students to start their school year early or late. Our counselors will align the students’ school year start date with one of our quarter start dates; see the school calendar for specifics. For example, if the school year in your area typically begins in October, your student can begin their first quarter when Enlightium typically begins its second quarter; your student would then be provided enough time to complete the assigned work, which may mean that your student finishes the school year during the summer. Please note on the enrollment form if you would like to request a unique start date.

Do international students living in the U.S. need an F-1 visa to attend Enlightium?

International students do not need an F-1 visa to take online courses through Enlightium Academy. Though, if students desire to study in-person in the U.S., one of the Enlighitum’s Co-Op schools, Summit Christian Academy in Spokane Washington, is an approved I-20 school, therefore students can benefit from in-person learning and online courses per their unique interests.

What grade levels does Enlightium Academy offer for international students?

Enlightium Academy offers online courses for international students in grades 3–12.

What hours are teachers available to international students?

Enlightium teachers are available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm Pacific Time.

What online schooling options do you provide for international students?

International students living outside of the U.S. time zones often select the Silver Tuition Package, which offers teacher support via messaging within 24 hours; however, families can choose premium support packages such as Gold and Diamond, allowing students additional channels of teacher support during teacher working hours. The Bronze Tuition Package is not available for international students if English is not their primary household language.

Are there any English proficiency requirements in order to attend Enlightium Academy?

International students are accepted if they are coming to Enlightium from an English-speaking school with a course load and rigor comparable to U.S. standards. Text translation tools are available within the curriculum platform. Correspondence between the school and parents will be sent via email and will be in English.

What countries do you accept students from?

Enlightium Academy accepts students from countries all over the world.

Will I be able to access a Christian curriculum in my country?

Some countries may ban Christian websites, which may limit your ability to access the curriculum used by Enlightium. You may test the accessibility of the curriculum in your country by doing a demonstration of the curriculum. Access the Curriculum Demo page and follow the directions to log in. If your student can successfully log into a demo account and navigate the curriculum, then they should be able to access their courses upon enrollment.

What resources are provided for students that do not speak English?

Text translation tools are available in the curriculum platform. Correspondence between the school and parents will be sent via email and will be in English. We also have the English Language Learners (ELL) Program for students in grades 8–12 whose first language is not English.

Do my student’s transcripts need to be in English for Enlightium to accept them?

If your student’s transcript is not in English, please reach out to a translation company in your country and ask them to translate* your student’s report card/transcript:

  • Grades 9-12: current and previous high school years’ transcripts
  • Grades 6-8: the most recent report card, including the current/previous year
  • Grades Pre-K-5: only the current/previous report card
*Translation must be into English and provided along with other documents when enrolling your student at Enlightium Academy.

If my student wants to attend a college in the U.S., what steps should I take?

It will be essential that you plan ahead. The U.S. colleges will require your student to take the TOEFL exam and many colleges also require an entrance exam like the SAT or ACT. Your student will need to work closely with Enlighitum’s senior counselor and the college admissions advisor at the colleges your student plans to apply.

Online Schooling

How will attending Enlightium be the same or different from a traditional school?

Students work at their own pace through the online curriculum used by Enlightium, but are accountable for keeping up with the weekly schedule to stay on track to complete courses on time. Students do not have to show up in a classroom, as courses are completed online, and will have access to their teachers through chat and other channels based on the teacher support package selected.

What does a typical day look like for an Enlightium Academy student?

Enlightium students typically work anywhere from 20–40 minutes per assignment, totaling 3–6+ hours depending on the course load and how much time the student needs to master the material before moving forward. The Ignitia platform is available for students to work remotely anytime from anywhere with a good internet connection, providing flexibility for each student. Some coursework allows students to work offline, such as science projects.

How do Enlightium Academy’s students interact with teachers?

Students primarily interact with teachers via Ignitia, the online platform used by Enlightium Academy. Teachers also provide supplementary learning material to support independent learning.

Are Enlightium Academy’s teachers certified?

Enlightium Academy’s teachers are state and/or ACSI certified. All teachers are required to have at least a Bachelors degree and be experts in their field. A handful of Enlightium’s teachers have Masters and some Doctorate degrees in their fields of teaching.

How much responsibility will I need to assume if my child enrolls at Enlightium?

For the most part, Enlightium’s teachers and the Ignitia platform do most of the heavy lifting, but parents may need to help students from time to time. Parents are responsible for holding their student accountable for meeting course progress requirements.


What does it cost to attend Enlightium Academy?

There is a $250 enrollment fee plus tuition. Seniors will also need to pay a $150 graduation fee, which is increased to $300 if the diploma needs to be mailed internationally.

Do I need to withdraw my child from their current school in order to attend Enlightium?

Your student will need to go through our standard admissions process, which includes withdrawing from their prior school. The Enlightium Academy Admissions Department will request records from your prior school, which includes a notice of your family’s intent to enroll at Enlightium.

Do we need to request transcripts from our current school?

The Enlightium Academy Admissions Department will do their best to request records from your previous school. Providing a registrar or a school email address upon enrollment or a copy of the official transcript translated by a certified translator will drastically speed up this process. Otherwise, it may take several weeks for our team to connect with your previous school. Please provide records during or after submitting the enrollment form to expedite the admissions process.

Do I need to show proof of vaccinations to enroll my child at Enlightium Academy?

As an online homeschool, Enlightium does not require proof of vaccinations. You are encouraged to keep your own record of vaccination or exemption per local requirements or after submitting the enrollment form to expedite the admissions process.

When can I enroll my student?

The traditional start of the school year takes place during the middle of August; however, Enlightium Academy accepts enrollments year-round. Your student can begin at any time of the year and start classes from where they left off at their prior school as indicated by the records received and entrance assessment scores.

International Payments

If you are living outside of the United States, you can use the Enlightium international payment link to make payments in the currency of your choice at a matched exchange rate.  Convera offers several service options for currency exchange payments, depending on the location of your home bank. Convera also provides a three-day exchange rate lock to provide you with the most beneficial exchange rate. Please contact the billing department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to make a payment in a currency other than U.S. dollars.

How soon can my child get started with Enlightium Academy?

You can start right away! All you need to do is pay the enrollment fee and complete the Enrollment Form to get the admissions process started. Our Admissions Department will then assign your student diagnostic tests and request records from your prior school. Your Enlightium Academy counselor will review the records and diagnostic test scores, and then they will contact your family via email to assign courses.

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