Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment offers high school students the opportunity to take college classes at the school of their choice while attending Enlightium Academy.

The Dual Enrollment Program at Enlightium Academy (Enlightium) is intended to provide you an opportunity to attend a local college while simultaneously earning high school and college credit. Students in grades 11 and 12 are eligible to take collaborative college courses accelerating their educational progress.

Enlightium recognizes your right to minimal eligibility and procedural requirements. Please review the Course Equivalency Document for qualifications, prerequisites and examples of how Enlightium equates college credits to high school credits. Completing some of your general education courses in high school will allow you to graduate from college early and provide you more time to pursue your major and other interests.

Did you know? Enlightium students can receive concurrent credits through Northwest Nazarene University—one of the best Christian Colleges in the Northwest. To learn more, visit our Concurrent Credit page.

Program Details


Qualified Juniors and Seniors can be dual enrolled.


Register for Dual Enrollment at Enlightium Academy. Enroll in a maximum of three college credits per term while also earning a minimum of one Enlightium Academy high school credit per year.

Transferability of college credits is the sole determination of the college to which you’re applying for admission. Enlightium does not award college credit and does not guarantee transferability of college credits earned.


There is no additional cost for full-time Enlightium students. Dual Enrollment courses are not available to part-time students except through counselor approval.

College Credit

At the discretion of the college admissions team, credit hours taken at one college or university may be transferred to another school and be applied toward degree requirements.

Upon successful completion of a dual enrolled credit course, you have earned course credit. The credit may be used for continued college enrollment or transferred to another institution upon high school graduation.

Student Status

Dual Enrolled students are officially Enlightium high school students and may be enrolled as a full-time or part-time student. The status will be determined in collaboration with the Dual Enrollment High School Counselor. College registration and enrollment is your responsibility.


As a Dual Enrolled student, you’ll receive grades from your high school and college courses.

Dropping or Adding Courses

You must meet with the Dual Enrollment counselor, and receive a signed EVF revision form, prior to dropping or adding a college course within an enrolled college term. This ensures high school graduation requirements are met.

Earning High School Credits

You’re responsible for providing the Dual Enrollment Counselor with an unofficial transcript or report following the completion of each term. This information is to be provided no later than one week after the college posts final grades. An official college transcript must also be sent to Enlightium.

High school credits listed on the EVF document will be awarded after the Dual Enrollment Counselor receives the official college transcript from the college.

Request Your Transcript

You’ll need to contact your college to request an official college transcript. Ask that it be be sent directly to Enlightium after each college term.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding the Dual Enrollment Program at Enlightium Academy, you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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