Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment (DE) Program at Enlightium Academy is intended to provide students an opportunity to attend a local college while simultaneously earning high school and college credits.

Please review the Course Equivalency Document for qualifications, prerequisites, and examples of how Enlightium equates college credits to high school credits. Completing some general education courses in high school could allow students to graduate from college early and provide them more time to pursue their career and other interests.

Program Details

-Students should be enrolled full-time in Enlightium Academy; part-time students may participate in the DE Program per counselor approval.
-Students need counselor approval to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program.

Students should speak to their counselor to determine if DE courses are right for them. Once approved, the student will need to work with both the college counselor and their high school counselor to determine which courses are right for their schedule. It is the responsibility of the student to find a college program, complete all paperwork, and pay any fees required by the college.

Transferability of college credits is determined solely by the college to which seniors are applying for admission. Ultimately, credits are awarded by colleges; Enlightium does not award college credits and does not guarantee the transferability of college credits earned.

Students are responsible for paying any tuition and fees required by the college of their choice. There is no additional cost to Enlightium Academy for full-time Enlightium students.

College Credit

At the discretion of the college admissions team, credit hours taken at one college or university may be transferred to another school and be applied toward degree requirements.

Upon successful completion of a dual enrolled credit course, students will have earned course credit. The credit may be used for continued college enrollment or transferred to another institution upon graduation from high school. Students are encouraged to meet with the college counselor to discuss these options.


Grades student earn in their college level courses will appear on their Enlightium transcript once we receive an official transcript from the student’s college at the end of the year. 

Dropping or Adding Courses

Students must discuss their desire to drop or add a DE course with their Enlightium school counselor before making that decision. The counselor will work with the student to adjust their class schedule accordingly and complete any necessary paperwork. 

Students should remember that they are officially enrolled at Enlightium Academy AND the university. If the student decides to drop a course, they must complete the university’s requirements for dropping the course. 

Earning High School Credits

Students are responsible for providing their counselor with a student copy of their transcript or report card following the completion of each term. This information is to be provided no later than one week after the college posts final grades. An official college transcript must also be sent to Enlightium Academy before credits can be transferred to the high school transcript.

High school credits listed on the Equivalency Verification Form (EVF) document will be awarded after Enlightium receives the official college transcript from the college.

Request Your College Transcript

Students need to contact their college to request an official college transcript. Students then provide that official transcript to their Enlightium counselor.

Contact Information

For any questions regarding the Dual Enrollment Program at Enlightium Academy, students should speak to their counselor.

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