Bible Elective Program

Interested in what Enlightium Academy is offering, but would like to start with just a course to see if this curriculum is right for your student?

Check out the Bible Elective Program! Start the process today and have your student’s Bible course assigned in 1-2 school days! With Enlightium’s open enrollment, you can start the Bible Elective Program at any time of the year. 

Your student will have access to a Bible course until they finish the course, until the end of the summer, or until you cancel the subscription.

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What are the Benefits of the Bible Elective Program?

  • You’ll bypass the admissions process, meaning you don’t need to provide a report card, transcript, or other documentation, and you won’t need to complete the entrance assessment.
  • Your student’s Enlightium counselor will assign a start and end date; your student will have access to the curriculum 24/7 for most days of the school year and/or summer and can work ahead to finish early.
  • Enlightium’s automated progress tracking system will send you weekly email reports of their grade and progress.
  • More benefits can be found here.

The Best Part?

If you decide to enroll full-time for the remainder of the school year or the following school year, you can skip the enrollment fee and jump straight into the admissions process. Enlightium’s admissions team will request records from your student’s previous school, as well as guide you through the rest of the admissions process, and your Enlightium counselor will have the rest of the courses assigned as quickly as possible.

Bible Elective Program is only available for students who are:

  • In grades 3-12
  • Using the Ignitia curriculum

Note that students will have access to Ignitia, their online learning platform, for most days of the calendar year; Ignitia Down Days can be found here.

What’s the Difference?

  Bible Elective Program Full-Time Enrollment
Students Have Access to Courses Bible Course Only
Enlightium Provides Counseling, Teaching, and Technical Support
Access to the Enlightium Parents App  
Enlightium Provides Record-Keeping  
Enlightium Provides Social Opportunities  
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee  
Enlightium Provides an Accredited Diploma  

What’s the Cost?

  • The Bible Elective Program is $50/month with the first charge coming out the day you sign up and each subsequent charge coming out on or around that say day each month.
  • The recurring charges continue until your student finishes the course, until the end of the summer, or until you cancel the Bible Elective Program.

Ready to Start the Bible Elective Program?

Step 1

Pay for the first month of the Bible Elective Program.

Step 2

You will be redirected to a brief form to provide the Enlightium team some basic information about your family and your student.

Step 3

Keep an eye on your email for your next steps and more information! The Bible Elective Program should be assigned in 1-2 school days.

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